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 Uber n00bs

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PostSubject: Uber n00bs   Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:15 pm

Uber N00BS

Hello, PDC here. This time this isn't no OU tourny, this is Ubers. Uber n00bs. This is because not many people play ubers. Most people say it requires no skill do to the overpowering ability's of ubers. Also, this is just to lure you n00bs in due to name. Now, onto the rules.

I would like there to be 16 players. If we only get 8, then so be it.

•Evasion Clause
•Sleep Clause
•Freeze Clause
•OHKO Clause
•Self-KO Clause
•Species Clause
•Strict Damage Clause
•Timed Battle


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Uber n00bs
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