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 The Solid Storm~A PDC NFE team

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Join date : 2010-02-18

PostSubject: The Solid Storm~A PDC NFE team   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:38 pm

After being part of the NFE group for quite awhile now, I decided to post my team. The Teams has had great success. Beacause of it, I have made great accoplishments. So, here it is, my NFE team, The Solid Storm.

The Team


252 ATK/252 SPED/6 HP
@Lum Berry
Dragon Dance

My NFE lead. Now, I know what your thinking. WTF? ADAMENT? Well, Monferno leads are the only thing that I can really do. Even though Jolly, Kadabra and Golbat leads still outrun. Gligar fears a powerful +1 STAB Waterfall. Ouutrage covers Shelgon or Dragonair who hope to stop my sweep. After DD, there really is no true counter. Golbat annoys ALL my leads. So, when they try to put me to sleep, Lum berry Cures, then, then they either attack, or switch out. Sub prevents any status moves from affecting me. It also sheilds me from the next attack. Giving me a perfect advantege. Metang and Machoke. However, Waterfall 2HKOs Machoke after DD most of the time.

252 ATK/252 SPED/6 HP
@Life Orb
Flare Blitz
Close Combat
Mach Punch
Rock Slide

Well, I can't decide, Adament, or Jolly. I'm not sure what i'm gonna be outrunning anyway. Anyway, my sweeper. Mach punch si for anything that needs more force to get Ko'd. Flare Blitz will only be used if I know I can't KO otherwise. Haunter is a common switch in, thats why Rock Slide is used when I know I can outrun, and just in case. It dosen't OHKO all the time, but it does have a good chance. It also takes care of Skiploon which is annoying. Close Combat is for anything weak to fighting. However, Adament would OHKO Primplup pretty much every time, while not so much for Jolly. Now, what should I do? Adament or Jolly?

252 ATK/252 SPED/6 HP
@Life Orb
Ice Punch
Brick Brake
Ice Shard

Cool Yup. Sneasel. One of the best Pokes in NFE. It outruns Kadabra, and Haunter, bare the Scarf set. Pursuit KOs both of them. Making it all good. Ice Punch of course is for any Dragons like Shelgon or Dragonair that annoy me. Ice Shard is my main ScarfBite counter. 4X +Life Orb takes care of it well. Brick Brake is for Larion. even though not always an OHKO, it still does a good amount incase it already has a good amount of damenge. However, I won't really be keeping it in that often agaisnt it. Sneasel is one of the best sweepers in NFE, great attack + speed, not much can stop it outside resistence and a revenge kill.

252 ATK/176 DEF/82 HP
@ Choice Band
Meteor Mash
Bullet Punch
Zen Headbutt

Yeah, Choice band Metang. My worlds greatest Sneasel counter. BP KOS 75% of the time. It also does an Ok job checking Haounter, mainly LO ones who take some LO recoil. Even though not not OHKO KO, it can still 2HKO, which is really good for my team. Sneasel can later revenge kill. Meteor is just for plain power, giving this set more power than an averedge Meteor Mash from a reagular Metagross. EQ is for over Metang along with Larion. My HP and DEF helps me in alot of situations. Dragonair can only hope Waterfall can 2HKO before MM or EQ can be used to 2HKO it.Zen Headbutt takes Care of Machoke. Who, is the greatest wall breaker in OU NFE.

252 SP.ATK/252 SPED/6 HP
@Choice Scarf
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power[Fighting]
Energy Ball

Haunter is one of the greatest scarfers in OU NFE. Having great SP.ATK and Speed as it is, there isn't much that can stop it. HP Fighting is for Lairon who, gives all my teams trouble, mainly this one. So, thats why I made so many moves and diffrent EVs, to help me with it, which helped this guy. BP dosen't always KO Haunter so, Shdow Ball can deal a large amount of damenge to Metang. Mainly LO ones who aren't based so much on ome more HP. Thunderbolt covers any Water Type like Primplup or Seadra. Energy Ball takes care of Marshtomp. While its over moves help it all around. HP fighting also helps agaisnt Sneasel, who, is either Life Orb'd, or Banded.

252 SP.ATK/252 SPED/6 HP
@Life Orb
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power[Ice]
Energy Ball

Very Happy The NFE all star. Psychic takes care of Machoke while HP Ice takes care of Gligar. Shadow Ball is for Bronzor if i knwo I can kill it. Energy ball is for Marshtomp or any Water Type that I can't take out. Having a boost from LO helps him a ton making all his attacks stronger. Now, this finishes the team. Rounding it all up, here it is Team Solid Storm.
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PostSubject: Re: The Solid Storm~A PDC NFE team   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:12 am

Seadra is fine. I don't really see anything that can be done to make it better. Make sure you are careful of Electabuzz leads since they can OHKO you.

Monferno I would say to go with Adamant simply for the OHKOs you otherwise miss with Jolly.

The rest of the team has fine movesets.

The team on the whole is very effective. You may find it lacking somewhat on the defensive side of things, but most of your Pokemon are fast anyway so that only becomes a big concern if you aren't getting OHKOs.
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Shadow ice

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PostSubject: Re: The Solid Storm~A PDC NFE team   Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:18 pm

Another good moveset for sneasel(and I prefer this one):

~Ice Shard(dragons; always goes first)
~Night Slash(high attack against psychics like kadabra)
~Brick Break(like you said)
~Swords Dance(raise attack; some people say it's not worth it but it is)

Everything else is awesome! Nice team!
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PostSubject: Re: The Solid Storm~A PDC NFE team   

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The Solid Storm~A PDC NFE team
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