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 Cincinaty Trolls - A Uber RMT

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PostSubject: Cincinaty Trolls - A Uber RMT   Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:56 am

Hello guys. This team gave me the chance to climb up the ubers ladder and is still rising. Or, maybe not for long. This team started with a Giratina-O anti lead and RP Groudon. However, I had some problums with Giratinas later game ability and breaking stall. So, I used Rayquaza to handle it much better. Now, onto the RMT.

Rayquaza @ Life Orb / Lum Berry
252 SP.ATK/216 SPED/40 ATK
Brick Brake
Draco Meteor
Extreme Speed
Fire Blast

Description: Rayquaza is a fantatsic anti lead. It's able to take on almost every lead in the ubers metagame. Taking on Groudon, Deoxys, Mew, Giratina-O, and others. I've been considering Lum Berry to take on Darkrai leads.

EVS: Standard. It does alot of damenge to almost any switch-in. Gives me max Special Attack for the nature. Also gives me nice speed and attack.

Team Work: A hard hitter in every way. Wears down every part of the opponents team so everybody else has a easier part against the team.

Latias @ Soul Dew
112 HP/204 SP.ATK/192 SPED
Calm Mind
Dragon Pulse

Description: Kyogre counter, bulk, set up sweeper, and punisher of the team with STAB Dragon Pulse. Combined with Soul Dew it can handle almost every threat in the metagame that it can outspeed. Thunder is much better as I can handle steels like Forry, Metagross, and Scizor.

EVS: Standard. Has good HP, attacking power, and defence. It also gives me a much more sturdy attempt of sweeping.

Team Work: Kyogre counter and a very hard hitter. If you can't revenge this guy it's likely to sweep you clean. However, I must play it with caution.

Dialga @ Choice Scarf
252 Sp.ATK/252 SPED/4 DEF
Draco Meteor
Thunder/Fire Blast
Aura Sphere/Thunder

Descirption: Revenger. It works well vs SD Rayquaza and Lucario. Also can revenge other various threats. Aura Sphere would help more vs Bulk Up Dialga which is a big threat to this team. Also is a last ditch attempt for Kyogre.

EVS: Max speed and special attack for the most power possible. Not much to say really.

Team Work: As stated before, it revenges a wide varity of threats. Mainly a fail safe Poke. Palkia was considering but I didn't want a 3rd Dragon resist and something to safely revenge Rayquaza and Luke.

Scizor @ Choice Band
56 ATK/200 HP/252 Sp.DEF
Bullet Punch
Pursuit/Quick Attack

Desription: My back up revenger. Scizor still works well in ubers. I'm considering changing this guy to something like support Groudon to handle Lucario. Then maybe I could change Dialga to something like BU Dialga.

EVS: The EVS are for giving the best bulk and attacking power possible. I'm considering Quick Attack to dent Kyogre as Pursuit won't do much outside of Mew.

Team Work: Gives me a second Dragon resist which is nice with this team. Support Groudon with Stone Edge would work nice as SRs a good bonus. Also being able to handle Luke is decent.

Kyogre @ Leftovers
252 HP/244 DEF/24 SPED
Calm Mind
Sleep Talk

Desription: Epic. Alot of recent ubers team are weak to CMOgre. Although it is completly countering by Latias and Palkia, however, Dialga can take them on most of the time. Thanks to Kyogre monumental special defence it can switch into most resisted attacks.

EVS: I can survive a SD'd Groudons EQ with the EVS. I also have a decent amount of power.

Team Work: Due to the amount of Thunders on this team it helps to have 100% acc move to help with it. It also gives Scizor a much better fighting chance vs Giratina-O.
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Cincinaty Trolls - A Uber RMT
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