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 Team Ultimate Destroyer: A VGC Team

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PostSubject: Team Ultimate Destroyer: A VGC Team   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:52 am

VGC Team:
Lead 1:
Palkia@Choice Scarf
Timid Nature
252 Speed, 252 SPatk, 4 hp
Spatial Rend
Fire Blast

It basically destroys Kyogres easily and hits many other Pokemon for great damage. It also is faster than scarfogre.

Lead 2:
Latios@Expert Belt
Timid Nature
252 spe, 252 satk 4 hp
Dragon Pulse
Grass Knot

Latios can finish off any Pokemon Palkia weakens and it is still quite fast and not considered Uber for the VGC. Protect is for if it gets paired with Azelf or Mewtwo or I anticipate an Explosion. It also can be good for scouting. Dragon Pulse is strong enough to OHKO Pokemon that are dragon weak in one hit, except perhaps Latias. Draco Meteor could solve that problem, but then i would have to switch out to get my power back. Draco Meteor also is so powerful it can ko a fair number of Pokemon thataren't dragon weak. Due to Soul Dew being banned for the VGC and Item Clause on, Expert Belt was chosen as the held item.

Back ups:Azelf
Hasty Nature
Focus Sash
252 Spe, 252 atk, 6 hp
Ice Punch

This thing will normally explode right away unless I am not threatened. It is strong enough to OHKO quite a few Ubers even. Focus Sash prevents it from dying to scarfogre since SR isn't really used in doubles. The rest of the moves are for coverage.

Mewtwo@Life Orb
Hasty Nature
252 Speed, 252 satk, 4 atk
Self Destruct
Aura Sphere
Ice Beam

Protect is so I can have an exploding Azelf and then not have a dead Mewtwo. Aura Sphere hits Dialga who is otherwise able to take any hit easily from my team. Ice Beam is for Dragons since I anticipate many of them to be used. Self Destruct blows up just about anything in the game and it has the Speed necessary to go first against any nonscarfed Pokemon that is allowed, save Electrode and Ninjask who likely wouldn't be used anyway.

I am unsure of what I want the last two spots to be, but I was thinking Tyranitar might be helpful since it is a surefire Shedinja counter. It is weak to both Kyogre and Groudon though which is what worries me. Snorlax is another Pokemon I am considering for a back up since it has high HP and Special Defense, plus it can explode with STAB. Garchomp wouldn't be terrible because it is faster than nonscarfed Pallkia, but Lati@s is a big threat for him. A Choice Specs set would OHKO it unless I ran Haban Berry. So my quesitons are, what do you think the back ups should be and are there any changes to the main four Pokemon that you would recommend?
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Shadow ice

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PostSubject: Re: Team Ultimate Destroyer: A VGC Team   Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:24 pm

I like the thought of Ice Punch on Azelf, but if you can, make it Ice Beam or something special attack related.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Ultimate Destroyer: A VGC Team   Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:46 am

Azelf isn't compatible with Ice Beam, only Mesprit can, but it can't explode. I might slightly modify the evs on Azelf after I do some more tinkering with the calculator.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Ultimate Destroyer: A VGC Team   

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Team Ultimate Destroyer: A VGC Team
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