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 RMT Revamp! (The return of failure)

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PostSubject: RMT Revamp! (The return of failure)   Sun May 23, 2010 11:14 am

Ok, after ALOT of editing, this team is here for ANOUTHER Revamp RMT! Yes, here it is. With a weird Kind of Mix-mence, Straneg LO Lati, and a few more ajustments to take on stall, it should be better. Me and Pride really worked on it. Now though, we know the REAL problum. The team is a pretty good one, although, stall is this team worst nightmare. This is a reason to cinsider doing changes on it's moves. This team WILL get there....but for now, i'm stuck wondering if I should just build anouther one :-/. So, here it is, the team (again).

252 HP/ 44 ATK/ 214 SP.DEF
Stealth Rock
Gyro Ball/Payback
Rapid Spin

Forry is an amazing lead VS Psycical leads. With 347 DEF, it is a decent counter to ScarfRachi leads, being able to set up Spikes most of the time. Along with the more defencive leads with T-wave and Body Slam crap. This lead works wonders vs Aero leads, as the'll never get SR up. Meaning I can cause them trouble later. Azelf lead Taunt me most of the time, meaning T-tar can come in, while they predict Pursuit and try to set up SR, Crunch KOS the pesky little Pixe. Bulky leads I set SR up on. Metagross can't do anything to Forry, meaning SR and 1 layer of Spikes get up most of the time. Swampert also can't touch Forry without Surf. While Mamo leads, to a number with EQ, I can get some hazerds up at least most fo the time. So, I think Forry is a fantastic lead to this team, giving me support later game.

252 SPED/ 232 SP.ATK/ 24 ATK
@Life Orb
Draco Meteor
Brick Brake
Fire Blast

This is more of a version of Bulky Mix-Mence. It's very useful once Latias or Tyranitar is gone on a stall team. I used to have huge problums with Wish Bliss when I used 252 SP.ATK, so, 24 ATK EVs gave Brick Brake a little more help with killing Wish Bliss. Draco Meteor hits anyhting that switches in very hard. It covers a large amount of the common metagame. Fire Blast is for Skarm and Scizor. As I can Roost Stall BP, then KO. The biggest Problum for Mence is that it can't really hit Tenta that hard anymore. While it can KO me wiht Ice Beam. Although Tenta is worn down quite a bit my Spikes and SR. So, I think this Mence is a very good choice for my team. Even better than DD Mence. It breaks stall much easier, while also healing of attacks like Lukes ES. After Intimidate, Fire Blast takes care of Luke, while later I can Roost. So, I think this Mence is a better choice than DD Mence. As it covers a bit more of the defencive Metagame.

252 ATK/ 252 SPED/ 6 HP
@Choice Scarf
Stone Edge

ScarfTar is the new standered set. It Pursuits things like LO Lati, Specs Lati, Scarf Lati, and even CM Lati. It also works VS weakened Rotom who still try to WoW the rest of my team, or even Scarf T-bolt it. So, I chose T-tar, the best pursuiter for the job. It also helps VS my Mix-Ape and Heatran weakness. It helps also VS Gengar. Getting rid of it no matter what. Superpower is for Blissy, since it poses a big threat to the team. Crunch is there for any Lati that I know if porbubly gonna stay in, along with being a strong STAB attack. The biggest problum to this set is probubly this. I have two Scarfers, so, I was thinking of replacing this guy with anouther set just to help me with stall.

252 SP.ATK/ 252 SPED/ 6 DEF
@Life Orb
Draco Meteor
Grass Knot
Surf/Hidden Power[Fire]

Before, it was Specs Lati. Although, I need some more help VS Stall, so me and Pride decided this was the best choice. It look quite alike the Team Sugarless GiRL team from Jumpluff on Smogon, only without HP Fire, or considering without it. The main problum is Gyardos, or no Gyrados. I was thinking of using Standered LO Lati, but Swampert gave me a crapload of trouble. Anouther thing is HP Fire, or Surf. Surf dosen't make me get beat by other Lati and Gengar, and hits Infernape and Heatran. While HP fire takes care of Scizor and other steel types that try to wall me. So it's a tough choice. So, I need your help mainly to choose. Although we are leaning more toward HP Fire. So, lets try and see which choice is really better.

252 ATK/ 252 SPED/ 6 HP
@Choice Scarf
Iron Head
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

Jirachi is the ONLY thing that holds this team together. My only real revenger. It gives me anouther Dragon and Ice resistence which helps Salamence and Latias greatly. I was thinking of using Trick to screw over things like Blissy or any other staller. It revenges things like Scizor, Gyarados, and + 1 DD mence.....unless it wins the speed tie. Jirachi also works as a hax master. It can flinch Infernape to death if needed. It's very helpful as my team gets completly swept with the sight of Stat-uppers. So Jirachi is very helpful with it's amzing speed. The only problum is that I ahve 2 scarfers. So I was agin thinking of getting rid of something. However, Jirachi is not going.

240 HP/ 120 DEF/ 148 SPED
Pain Split

Ok, I was really thinking about using RestTalk. As it has better recovery and a little more defence on both sides. It also would be a good status absorber. But, meh. Anyway, this Rotom is he worlds best Metagross and Scizor counter. It also works as a decent Machamp counter which troubles my team. This is one of the best Pokemon out there imo. It also helps me take out T-tar with WoW. Mainly DD ones. Or, if i'm under Sub Scarf or Band ones. RestTalks worst nightmare. So, i'm kinda in the middle. Which set should I use?

Wrap Up
This team has had good record for battling. Although it still struggles against stall, it's a fantastic team to use. Me and Pride also are better friends I think. So, all and all, I think I FIANALY made a good team. Smile
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RMT Revamp! (The return of failure)
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