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This a Pokemon forum created for the enjoyment of the Pokemon Video Game. Please be active and have fun! :)
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 ***Please Read*** Lugia's Pokemon Island Forum Rules

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Shining Latios
Shining Latios

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PostSubject: ***Please Read*** Lugia's Pokemon Island Forum Rules   Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:37 pm

The Forum Rules

1. No inappropiate content in any form (words, video, images, etc).
2. No spamming or trolling. Spamming is saying information which is not needed and trolling is trying to get attention on a thread. Also we prohibit flaming. Flaming is insulting other members and other people.
3. Do not double post in a thread. Use the button to edit the post.
4. Use proper spelling and grammar. People won't be able to understand your posts and will be very confused.
5. Do not Mini-Mod. Mini Modding is acting like a mod and telling people not to spam or break the rules when it is not your authority to do so. If someone broke a rule just use the to report a post.
6. No multiple accounts. If your family member wants to join PM Dragonexpert or one of the Mods saying so or state in your welcome thread that you have another family member on the forum.
7. No advertising your site or any site except if it's in your signature.
8. The biggest a signature can be is 595x308. If it is bigger than this it will be deleted and you will recieve a warning.
9. Do not ask to be a staff member.
10. Have Fun Smile

Thank you for taking your time to read the rules. If you have any questions, feel free to PM Professor Dragonexpert or one of the Mods and we will be glad to help you Smile
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***Please Read*** Lugia's Pokemon Island Forum Rules
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