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This a Pokemon forum created for the enjoyment of the Pokemon Video Game. Please be active and have fun! :)
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 My code Tutorial 1.1

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My code Tutorial 1.1 Empty
PostSubject: My code Tutorial 1.1   My code Tutorial 1.1 EmptyThu Jan 14, 2010 7:22 pm

THis will teach you the basic my code commands.

Section 1:Text Changes

Bolding: The act of making something stand out more. Please don't abuse it.
[b]text goes here[/b]

Italicization: has pretty much the same purpose.
[i]text goes here[/i]
looks like this

Underline: For title's of books for example.
[u]text goes here[/u]
looks like this

Superscript: useful for exponents and other things.
[sup]text goes here[/sup]
looks like this

Subscript: has mathematical and other uses.
[sub]text goes here[/sub]
looks like this

Strikethough: used to correct oneself.
[strike]text goes here[/strike]
looks like this

Font Color changes: Miscellaneous purposes.
[color=whatever color]text goes here[/color]
Note that the forum only accepts about 16 colors. To use a different color, use the code below.
looks like this

[color=#XXXXXX]text goes here[/color]
Replace the x's with 0-9 and A-F. (hexadecimal)
Can look like this

Section 2: Special Characters
Note that these are HTML codes, not my code. To enable HTML, go to your Profile and check the allows allow HTML button. Do not type the 'x'. I needed to put it there so it would show the code. without it, it would only show the character. These can be useful for foreign languages.







Section 3:Images & Links

To add an image to a post simply use this code:

To make an image link to a website, use this code:
[url=whateverthe webaddressis][img]urlofimage[/img][/url]

Normal link: This shows the actual website on the post.
Note that on posts it isn't needed if you put the http://in. The chatbox requires it.

Hotlink: This makes it so you can make the link say what you want and take them to the page you want.
[url=whateverthewebaddressis]link is here[/url]

Section 4: Miscellaneous Things

Show a youtube video without the HTML code:

This works even if a video says embed disabled.

Show a code box.


All links must be appropriate! Questions, post here and I'll answer them.

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My code Tutorial 1.1
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