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 Possible Team Retirement

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Possible Team Retirement Empty
PostSubject: Possible Team Retirement   Possible Team Retirement EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 3:37 pm

This team is what came from me and Reverb talking about cores, we came up with one of Jirachi/MixNite/CBPert. This team has been succesful, but, there a some improvements to be made.

Possible Team Retirement 68
Adamant @ Lum Berry
234 ATK/240 HP/16 SDEF/20 SPE
Bullet Punch
Dynamic Punch
Ice Punch

We ALL hate Machamp by now. He stops almost any lead. Although, ColburZelf is annoying, I can take it on with switching. Machamp also hurts stall pretty badly. Gyarados is the only thing that can handle it beacause bulk and resistence + recovery. Ice Punch handles Rose, although it's not that big of a threat. Theres also the factor that Machamp is like LeadQuaza. In most cases, you either set up SR, or die. Machamp hangs around most of the game so I always have a backup TTar check. Great Anti Lead, although Lucario and Gallade seem interesting.

Possible Team Retirement 260
Adamant @ Choice Band
240 ATK/ 168 HP/100 DEF
Ice Punch
Stone Edge

Those weak Dragon Claw Leftovers Dragonite can't exactly hurt this guy even after DD beacause they lack enough power. Swampert smashes through hyper offence beacause he has alot of bulk to withstand hits. Also that most offencive teams nowadays lack a strong water resist. 100 Base Power STAB EQ isn't something to scoff at either. A few things that I always think off is using Standard Mix-Pert just to keep reagular ScarfTran and get rid of SR. Although, Swampert is a key member. He softens up stuff pretty easy with SR support. With Torrent activated Waterfall becomes incredibly powerful.

Possible Team Retirement 485
Timid @ Choice Scarf
252 SATK/252 SPE/4 HP
Fire Blast
Earth Power
Stealth Rock

My Ape check. Also does well with Machamp thanks to Lead Synergy. The fact that Heatran fools people into thinking it's ShucaTran gives it an edge when revenge killing Ape and SD Luke along with other threats. When I don't need Heatran, bombs away. Taking somebody down with me most of the time. Heatran is also a good Rotom counter, although a more defencive set would be better. Heatran always has an edge as he fools his opponent with SR.

Possible Team Retirement Spr_4p_479O
Timid @ Choice Scarf
252 HP/252 SPE/4 SATK
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power[Ice]/Overheat

Trick screws up stall while HP Ice can take on Dragonite thanks to SR. This is also an emergency Ape check beacause Thunderbolt does a decent amount. Having 3 choicers is sordy iffy, but Reverb says it's ok thanks to Explosion and Trick. I had an issue with Starmie so Rotom came to mind. Although, Zapdos is a possible replacement as it can take on Starmie thanks to it's good SDEF. Although, SR screws it up. I also considered changing this set but I was never to sure. This is where you guys come in. Overheat is a possible move as it can check Luke, but Thunderbolt does pretty good.

Possible Team Retirement 385
Modest @ Expert Belt
114 HP/180 SPED/216 SATK
Calm Mind
Hidden Power[Ground]
Grass Knot

This set is designed to lure in and KO opposing Heatran and Swampert which hurt Rotom and Heatran. It always KOs standard RestTalk Heatran with HP Ground. It runs 281 SPE so it can outrun Lucario and max speed Heatran. This set was made by reachzero but I customized to EVS to be more bulky and still have good power. Psychic has STAB and can hurt random things like Machamp and Breloom. Jirachi is a very valuable member as it has good synergy with the rest of the core. Jirachi is an amazing and diverse Pokemon. Theres not doubt it didn't find it's way on this team.

Possible Team Retirement 149
Mild @ Life Orb
112 ATK/200 SPE/196 SATK
Draco Meteor
Fire Blast

Dragonite is used as my best Stall Breaker. It tears up stall into peices. With good attacking power combined with good synergy, Dragonite dosen't get beat easy. It's also used to kill Celebi thats walls Jirachi and Swampert. Draco Meteor is the best move in the game. It smashes EVERYTHING. Only one type resists it. Jirachi helps with this in killing Heatran. Something thats pretty annoying. Salamence used to go here, but hes Uber now. The fact that Dragonite can accomplish better stall breaking is very good. Superpower is a very nice addition. Roost also gives me reliable healing. Something New Mix-Mence wasen't able to do. Intimidate would be nice, but Dragonites still good as it is.

This concludes the team, I'm probubly gonna have to change a pretty large amount of this, but i'll do whatevers possible to make it better.
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Possible Team Retirement
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