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PostSubject: ou team   ou team EmptyThu May 27, 2010 6:37 pm

Since Latias was moved to uber, I felt I needed a new team. Since me and Pride got to be better friends, we decided to make a team together. This team is not very easy to use, but I still urge your to try it. It needs a few lose ends to be tied up, but it dosen't seem to have problums with any specific type of team. Or at least not yet. So again, I urge you to try this team as it's quite effective. So, without further ado, here it is.

ou team I_kairikii
240 HP/ 234 ATK/ 20 SPED/ 16 SP.DEF
@Lum Berry
Dynamic Punch
Ice Punch
Bullet Punch

Me and Pride both agreed on one thing. That we should use the best Anti-Lead in the metagame at this point. Machamp. We used just enough EVs to survive standard lead Azelfs Psychic. We used 20 SPED to outrun standard LeadChamp. The rest of EVS were put into attack. First off, Dynamic Punch provides a fantastic powerful move that can screw over teams right from the start. If you don't have Rotom with you, this could be a crapload of trouble. Payback is for things like Lead Azelf, Rotom, or anything Machamp can't really hit otherwise. Ice Punch is for Dragons (mainly Mence now that Lati is gone). BP is a nice finished move. It works well for Anti-Leads from Gengar to Weavile. Lead Champ can also be used late game. A huge plus for this team. So, this Machamp starts up all the rumble. Now, on to the next Pokemon in line.

ou team I_serebii
252 SP.ATK/ 180 SPED/ 76 HP
@Life Orb
Grass Knot
Hidden Power[Fire]
Calm Mind

This Celebi is a valuble member to the team once Heatran and ScarfTar are gone. It's a good counter to alot of common OU threats after +1. HP Fire KOs Scizor, a commonly used pokemon in this metagame. It also helps VS Luke. Which is anouther common poke. Infact, this deals good damenge to just about any steel type it encounters. Grass Knot is it's main STAB attack. With Latias gone, this set becomes much much more effective. Although Mence still proves trouble to this set. This Celebi is a good Check to RestTalk Gyarados as it dosen't fear any move but Roar, but by then Gyarados is good and gone. This Celebi may possibly be changed to EP/Leaf Storm/HP Fire/Recover set later, or even a defencive version with EP. Although Mence walls that set even more along with Scizor not taking much from EP. This set is second up. Next we will go to it's best partner ever to live. It is:

ou team I_hiidoran
252 SPED/ 252 SP.ATK/ 6 HP
@Life Orb
Fire Blast
Earth Power
Hidden Power[Grass]

LOTran was nowhere to be seen when Lati was in OU. Infact, Tran wasen't even very common outside of things like TormantTran and SubToxic Tran. So, when Latias, one of Heatrans decent walls went away, Heatran had a party. Well, LO Tran at least. Fire Blast from LOTran is somehting very powerful. You never know if it will KO, or OHKO you. Coupled with Stealth Rock and you got a boatload of power. Earth Power is for things like ScarfTar switch ins. ScarfTar is now the "standard" T-tar set. It was used for things like Latias, so I figured it would take a fall. But no. It is now used for a Heatran and even more of a Rotom counter. Isn't that wonderful? Anyway, HP Grass is a surprise for Swampert who expect you to switch out. Lastly, Explousion/Taunt is kinda a problum. As Taunt turns Tran into a decent Stall Breaker. While Explousion takes Blissy out. Anouther problum is nature. Modest packs more punch while Timid has better speed. Most people use Jolly Luke now so I think I need as much power as I need for any T-tar switch ins that tormant this team. So it's kinda a hard choice. Although Timid outruns defencive Celebi and stuff. Or, most of them. So, I think this pretty much is the CelTran combo. Only this time, they aren't that defencive. Again, me and Pride thought this was an obvious choice. Now onto the defence Glue of the team.

ou team I_raguraaji
252 HP/ 252 DEF/ 4 ATK
Stealth Rock
Ice Beam

Swampert is like our Salamence isurence. Although it may not be the best, it can't be OHKO'd at least. Maybe I should Scarf Starmie...... Anyway, Swampert is a decent Tyranitar. Only suffering the worst from Crunch and Superpower. It's a better Flygon counter as Flygon is not as strong attack wise as Mence. Most don't carry a Life Orb either. Swampert is also a good counter vs ScarfRachi. Although it dropped in usage, it still can be used. Swampert is a very good canidate for SR as it gets it up almost every time. This makes it a good canidate of this teams style. There isn't much else to say about Swampert. The Celebi + Heatran + Swampert combo is amazing. It resists every single type in the game. So, me and Pride thought this would be a really good team to use. It's just what we needed.

ou team I_sutaamii
252 SP.ATK/ 252 SPED/ 6 DEF
@Life Orb/Choice Scarf
Ice Beam
Recover/Grass Knot

Starmie is now the best counter to Mix-ape. With Latias gone it can sweep much easier. So every team is going to be filled with Infernape now. Wahoo -_-. The choice between Scarf and LO is hard. Scarf handles DDGyara, DDMence, and DDTar even. If so, I will use a Modets nature. If LO, I will use Recover and a Timid nature. Starmie helps me out in other ways than just Mix-Ape checking. It's a good Mix-Mence counter as it can come in on Fire Blast and Ice Beam + Recover it off. I have also been considering Hydro Pump as it does more damenge to T-Tar switch ins. The miss chance is annoying though. T-bolt is for Gyarados that have grown in usage when Latias went up to uber. This poke works as a Latias pretty much without some of Latias's resistences. Me and Pride knew it had to be on this team. It would be a reck without it. Now on to the last Poke. The one that was hard to decide. It may still be replaced. But as of now, it acts as our Starmie counter. So please welcome......

ou team I_bangirasu
252 ATK/ 252 SPED/ 6 HP
@Choice Scarf
Stone Edge

ScarfTar gave us our main Starmie and Gengar counter. Our previous choice was CurseLax as with Careful 252 SP.DEF it could handle most of there attacks. Put aside maybe a Focus Blast and Hydro Pump from Starmie which it could rest of later. Combine that with there bad accurecy and you got something great. We chose this guy for the extra resistence mainly. Although i'm not 100% sure, Tyranitar isn't a very bad choice as it dosen't turn into complete Skarm bait unless we carry Fire Punch. Anyway, Tyranitar was our last choice. We thought it worked well with our team. Still though, we could always change.

Well this is our team. Hopefully it will end out good.
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ou team
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