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PostSubject: OUUUU   OUUUU EmptyTue Jul 27, 2010 12:07 pm

This team is one of my most effective. It includez one of the most neglected sets ever seen. With Support in so many ways, it can take on most offencive teams. Although I am still considering changes this is the current team. With help from friend Plus and many other battlers fom Smogon, I was able to make this team. Welcome to,

Team PDC

OUUUU Skarmory
252 HP/216 DEF/40 Sp.DEF
@Lum Berry
Stealth Rock

Skarm starts the show off with early entry hazards. I get on averedge 1 Spikes layer up along with Stealth Rock. Skarm even can take Machamp Lead Dynamic Punches thanks to Lum. Taunt is used for Forry and slower leads mainly so they don't annoy me with hazards later game. Skarm also handles quite a few Psycical threats. Skarm can take on most psycical threats also. CBNite is one of them. As nothing on my team besides this guy can take Outrages like that. Thankfully I can set up some hazards and heal a little. Skarm is the main supporter as it sets up hazards for one of the more rarer sets which nobody uses anymore.

OUUUU Dragonite
112 ATK/200 SPED/196 Sp.ATK
@Life Orb/Expert Belt
Draco Meteor
Fire Blast

Mix-Nite ftw. This thing tears apart standard stall. Although, smart switching wears this guy down. This is why I am considering Expert Belt. This guy punishes all switch-ins thanks to entry hazards. This guy helps huge against stall. As stuff like Forry can set up pretty easy with this team. Dragonite also can handle some Breloom sets as it can break Sub and outspeed most of the time.

OUUUU Rotomheat
252 HP/252 SPED/4 SP.ATK
@Choice Scarf
Shadow Ball
Overheat/Hidden Power[Fighting]

Rotom-H is the enemy Lucario counter, Gyarados, Starmie, and quite a few other checks. Rotom-H can also be an emergensy check to CM Suicune and Jirachi as it can Trick them both. Overheat so far has been the better option as it can revenge SD Luke. Also, the anti spin blocker for the team, Rotom appreciates Vappys Wish support very much. As it keeps him alive much longer.

OUUUU Vaporeon
252 DEF/192 HP/64 Sp.DEF

This Vappy is a very good phazer. It comes in on Gyarados expecting HP Electric. They can switch, but I just Roar that away to Rack up alot of damenge. Vappy is a very key member of this team. It passes to whoever needs some help switching in. Even Lucario in some cases. Vaporeon also is my check to Mix-Ape and Heatran. Staying alive for a very long time.

OUUUU Tyranitar
252 ATK/208 SPED/48 Sp.ATK
@Expert Belt
Flamethower/Fire Blast

The ultimate lure. I must thank everyone who uses this as it lures in so many Lucarios, Forrys, and Skarms thinking they can set entry hazards down or just plain set up. Tyranitar Crunches on Lucario. Luke sets up SD. I Flamethower it killing it, or dealing huge amounts of damenge. Same with Skarm as Flamethower 2HKOs with SR up. Superpower dismantles Blissy with ease. Ttar can also handle stuff like Scarf Rotom. Who, aren't to big of a problum anymore. Now, it's time to show the main one of the team. He is......

OUUUU Lucario
252 ATK/252 SPED/4 HP
@Life Orb
Close Combat
Ice Punch/Stone Edge

Agility Lucario. No team prepares for this. This guy either sweeps you clean, or does a very large amount of damenge. Rotom-H can't check him. Gliscor can't. The only two that can handle him are Gyarados and Zapdos. Which, i've considering Stone Edge for. Although, then I can't take care of Gliscor with him. Lucario punishes anything with CC thanks to entry. Leaving anyhting in the KO range.

I hope you enjoyed my RMT! Please rate!
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