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This a Pokemon forum created for the enjoyment of the Pokemon Video Game. Please be active and have fun! :)
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 Article Requirements

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PostSubject: Article Requirements   Article Requirements EmptyFri Jan 15, 2010 5:32 pm

If you have an article you wish to contribute to the site, please make sure it follows these guidelines.

1) Capitalize the word Pokémon always. Always capitalize a Pokémon's name and Stats such as Attack. Move Names are to be capitalized.

2) The word Pokémon or its name is both singular and plural. Don't add an 's' to it unless it is an apostrophe to show ownership.

3) Make sure that the spelling is good and contains few if any errors.

4) Have a sprite of the Pokémon you are writing an article on in your article.

5) If you can do some calculations that would be great, although I will not require it. If you want to do some calculations go to Smogon's Damage Calculator

The less editing I have to do to the article, the faster I can get it up and happier I will be. If you can convert it to HTML for me that would be awesome, but if you don't know how, just post it here. I will post whether the article is approved or rejected. If it is rejected, I will explain why I rejected it.
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Article Requirements
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