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PostSubject: Togekiss-Normal/Flying   Togekiss-Normal/Flying EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 1:43 pm

Togekiss is a great Pokemon to have to set up your party. With a large moveset span, it can easily learn many moves.

Ahh Togekiss. While not many people I know use it, it is a great Pokemon that can learn almost any move. Great Defense makes it a real threat. Diverse attacks are very helpful in getting a sneak attack, when your opponent is not suspecting. With a high Defense, use it to set up your main attacker. For items, give it a Quick Claw or Leftovers, since it isn't the fastest and Leftovers work great with its defense.
A Serene Grace ability works well with Ancient Power, with a double chance of highering rates. Mostly teach it SP. Attack moves , as it's is high. Another good move with Togekiss is Nasty Plot. Calm and Timid natures work well with Togekiss.


I recommend these attacks as they cover its weaknesses and are very strong itself.

Flamethrower- Can kill Ice types and Scizor
Aura Sphere- Covers Rock weakness and never misses
Thunder Wave- Paralizes dah?
Extremespeed- Always goes first

Air Slash- Great Move and can cause flinch most of the time
Thunder Wave
Ancient Power- Let loose with it. Get lucky and all stats go up!
Fire Blast- Great Move and Weakness
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