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PostSubject: Scizor-Bug/Steel   Scizor-Bug/Steel EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 1:41 pm

If you need a good lead, then Scisor is your guy. Double weakness is a big threat. Attack wise Scizor is very good, but in every other stat is very weak for scizor so be careful.
Scizor is the lead choice for many people, because it is very strong and fast when using Bullet Punch. It is great in the OU as well.


Baton Pass
Swords Dance @ Leftovers
Brick Break
X Scissor

This is a very great moveset when you are trying to set up your party. This great for setting up your strong Pokes. Bullet Punch is good, if you want to go first

Bullet Punch
Quick Attack @Choice Band
U Turn
Swords Dance

Another setup wise good moveset. Use swords dance to set up Pokes, like Salamence. Then use U Turn and switch out.


Scizor's biggest threat are fire types, as they will kill him with one hit. That is why I recommend teaching it Baton Pass, so you can switch it out, and go onto a Water or Ground Type
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