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This a Pokemon forum created for the enjoyment of the Pokemon Video Game. Please be active and have fun! :)
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PostSubject: Spiritomb-Ghost/Dark   Spiritomb-Ghost/Dark EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 1:39 pm

Even though Spiritomb doesn't seem strong at first glance, but, if trained correctly, it will become a great lead on most teams.

~ Sucker Punch / Taunt
~ Pursuit / Taunt
~ Pain Split
~ Will-O-Wisp

This would be a typical set for a starter Spiritomb. Being able to counter those nasty Azelf leads will make this Pokemon a great starter. To ensure this to work better, the nature should be Careful. The item should be Leftovers. Pain Split is also very good attack because you can easily counter the stronger types, if wanted. Being immune to Fighting, Normal, and Psychic, mixed with a Pressure ability makes this a worthy adversary.
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