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In this article, you will learn about some of the ways Salamence can be ran. These sets are not the only way to run it, but they are some of the more useful ways to do so. We will begin with an offensive Dragon Dance set.


Item: Life Orb/ Muscle Band
Adamant/Jolly/Naughty Nature
EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 6 Special Defense
Dragon Dance
Outrage/Dragon Claw
Fire Fang/Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Brick Break

This set is all about having a superpowerful Salamence after a single Dragon Dance. What this version lacks in defenses it makes up for in terms of power. You may ask why not 6 HP instead. Putting 6 evs in HP gives it an even amount so it can die to Stealth Rock after four times as opposed to five, though you would normally be attacking a few times anyway so it is less than that anyway. Adamant nature is for those who prefer to get the most power possible where Jolly is for those who would rather have max speed. Those choosing Jolly will be happy to know that you Speed tie Jirachi instead of losing to it all the time. Life Orb is there to ensure maximum damage, but if you don't like the recoil, you can use Muscle Band to still give a small boost to Attack or even Expert Belt.

I prefer Outrage for its unmatched power. After stab, its power is 180 where as Dragon Claw's is 120. The benefit Dragon Claw has is that you have the freedom to change moves, however, you will be missing out on some kos that can only be gotten with Outrage. Dragon Pulse isn't as viable on this set because of both the nature and EV spread. Earthquake is a great attack for Salamence in combination with Outrage. It provides unresisted type coverage barring a few select Pokemon like Skarmory. Fire Fang is capable of covering Skarmory and a few other Pokémon that resist the other two moves. It also is a ohko against Scizor who otherwise kos Salamence. Brick Break could be used if your team has trouble Tyranitar, however, I feel that Fire Fang is better for this set. The amount of times Brick Break actually does more than Outrage or Earthquake is few and far between. Flamethrower and Fire Blast provide an answer to Skarmory. By using them, it is able to perform sweeps on teams as long as priority users are taken out and walls are at least weakened.

This set can be countered by priority moves fairly easily due to Salamence's frailty. Scizor's Bullet Punch does a huge chunk of Salamence's HP. It can also be countered by Vaporeon and Suicune if Salamence was only at plus one when it unleashes Outrage because they will survive and can strike back with an Ice Beam. Tyranitar poses a huge threat to it since it will not go down to a plus one Earthquake, not too mention that Sandstorm will shorten Salamence's life even further.

Item: Choice Scarf
Naughty/Lonely nature
EVs: 252 Speed, 200 Attack, 58 Special Attack
Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse
Flamethrower/fire Blast

This is a version of scarf Salamence. It can move before many other scarfed Pokémon. A speed boosting nature isn't really as necessary since you have the increased speed from Choice Scarf. You will be using Outrage more than the other moves so more evs are invested into Attack and also why an Attack boosting nature was chosen.

Draco Meteor inflicts severe damage on many Pokémon with little investment in Special Attack. It makes a great revenge killing move if the opposing Pokémon doesn't have good Special Defense. You must be careful when using it since it cuts your Special Attack in half. This is why some players may prefer the weaker Dragon Pulse. Flamethrower is better for those who don't like to risk missing and sometimes get kod then. This is especially true when you are dealing with a Pokémon that is as fragile as Salamence. Fire Blast does have the benefit of having greater power and can get some kos that Flamethrower will not get. Earthquake is standard and provides nearly unresisted coverage when paired with dragon type moves. Outrage is just plain brutal on Salamence; it doesn't have to have large ev investments to do over half of a Pokémon's HP. The draw backs to using it are getting confused when it is done and being locked into the move, however, since you have a Choice scarf on anyway you wouldn't be able to change moves anyway so why not do the extra damage.

This set is capable of revenge kills, but is not able to sweep entire teams on its own. It doesn't have the same power that a Dragon dance set can provide. Good partners for this Salamence would include skarmory since it can take physical attacks with ease and can even spread damage around with Whirlwind and Spikes. Though its usage is being lowered, Weeavile and its priority move, Ice Shard, make a great way to destroy this set. Walls that are capable of Ice type moves like Suicune are great for dealing with it. If Salamence is trapped into using a Special Attack, Blissey can work wonders against it. Paralyzing it with Thunder wave quickly cuts down on Salamence's ferociousity. This set fails against set up Pokémon that are able to recover since there is no way for this Salamence to power itself up.

Item:Choice Band
Jolly Nature
EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 6 Defense
Outrage/Dragon Claw
Crunch/Aqua Tail/Draco Meteor
Fire Fang

Salamence also makes a decent Choice Band user. with its relatively high Speed, it can plow through Pokeacute;mon one by one. It requires no set up to do large amounts of damage. A Speed boosting nature is important to ensure first strike against other Pokémon.

Outrage is the better choice for many teams simply for the power. You are already locked into one move so you may as well do as much damage as possible. Earthquake once again is for that coverage that you want to be able to plow through Pokeacute;mon. Crunch isn't terrible and is more of a filler type of move where as Fire Fang is designed to counter Scizor and Skarmory. Draco Meteor could still be used so it can hit physical walls hard the first time before having to switch out.

This set will have trouble against physical walls such as Skarmory since the Salamence has no way to boost its Attack. Like all other versions, it is still weak against Ice Attacks by the Pokémon that can survive its moves or are faster as in the case for Weavile and Starmie. Priority moves still destroy the set as well.

Item:Choice Specs
Timid Nature
EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 6 Defense
Draco Meteor
Flamethrower/Fire Blast
Hydro Pump
Outrage/Dragon Pulse

Salamence isn't bad at being a special sweeper, although there are others that do this more efficiently. It packs the Speed and Special Attack necessary to do a good job. Once again, Speed boosting nature is what is most important here.

Being that it holds a Choice Specs means it is capable of doing insane amount of damage with Draco Meteor, however, like all choice sets, it isn't meant to sweep. It is meant for revenge killing. Fire Blast is for dealing large damage to Steel Pokémon. You may choose Flamethrower for the accuracy and for more PP. Hydro Pump is for those Ground types that normally would give Salamence trouble and it catches players off guard since Salamence doesn't often run a Specs set. Dragon pulse is if you don't want to lower your Special Attack while Outrage is in the event a physical attack is needed to break their defenses.

This set is walled very well by Blissey unless you have it with Outrage. The classic SkarmBliss combo can not be defeated by this version of Salamence. Suicune wrecks it by surviving then retaliating with an Ice Beam and Starmie moves before it and ohkos it. It is also weak against priority users.

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