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This guide will teach you what each nature does in regards to affecting your Pokémon's stats. Stats are changed by ten percent when there is a nature that has an effect on them. We hope this will help you.

Attack increasing natures:

  • Lonely; decreases Defense
  • Adamant; decreases Special Attack
  • Naughty; decreases Special defense
  • Brave; decreases Speed

Defense increasing natures:

  • Bold; decreases Attack
  • Impish; decreases Special Attack
  • Lax; decreases Special Defense
  • Relaxed; decreases Speed

Special Attack increasing natures:

  • Modest; decreases Attack
  • Mild; decreases Defense
  • Rash; decreases Special Defense
  • Quiet; decreases Speed

Special Defense increasing natures:

  • Calm; decreases Attack
  • Gentle; decreases Defense
  • Careful; decreases Special Attack
  • Sassy; decreases Speed

Speed increasing natures:

  • Timid; decreases Attack
  • Hasty; decreases Defense
  • Jolly; decreases Special Attack
  • Naive; decreases Special Defense

No changes:

  • Bashful
  • Docile
  • Hardy
  • Quirky
  • Serious

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