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Welcome to Lugia's Pokémon Island's very own Heartgold and Soul Silver walkthrough. This guide is not complete at this time and will be updated regularly. With that, let us begin.

The first thing you have to do is choose your gender and name. You begin the game up in your room. Start by heading downstairs and you will recieve your bag from your mom. You will then need to go to the Pokémon Lab to get your first Pokémon. Make sure you choose wisely, as you only can get one of them without trading. It is highly recommended to get a female version of the starter Pokémon you pick because you can easily breed it. It also trades at a higher value than one that is a male. Female versions of the starter Pokémon appear at a rate of 12.5%, which means you may be reseting a bunch of times. If you don't feel like doing that now, you can always wait until you catch a Ditto later. Since this is only a playthrough, you don't need to be that selective of the nature of your Pokémon since you are unlikely to use it in competitive battles unless you are playing by the Underused Tier. Legendary and Rare Pokémon that you can only get one of, I recommend saving in front of and reset if you don't get a good nature. Refer to the Nature Guide to see how each nature affects your stats. Whichever Pokémon you take, your Rival will take the one that has a type advantage over. You are then told to go to Mr. Pokémon's house. First, go back to your house so you can get the Poké Gear. It has many functions available as you gain cards for it. It also allows you to call people in the game once you have their number. Exit New Bark Town by heading west to Route 29.

This is a very linear path that you follow to reach Cherrygrove City. It has some patches of grass to find wild Pokémon, but you won't be able to catch any Pokémon yet. It is recommend to fight them when you can because you still gain experience points for defeating them. Without fighting wild Pokémon, your own Pokémon won't be strong enough to take on the Gym Leaders and Elite Four. There is a spot where you can go north, but it just leads to a dead end since you are unable to climb ledges. Once you arrive in Cherrygrove City, a civilian will give you a quick tour of the area and point you in the direction of Mr. Pokémon's house. He will also give you the Running Shoes and a Town Map card for your Poké Gear. This will allow you to view your location and check other locations at any time except during a battle. Before you head north to Route 30, purchase an Antidote or two and a Paralyze Heal. They are currently sold out of Poké Balls. Now proceed to Route 30.

When you reach this route, you will see a house early on; this isn't Mr. Pokémon's, but you should still check it out since it adds a spot where you can store Apricorns. Continue north and keep to the right and you will eventually see Mr. Pokémon's House. Go inside and he will give you a Mysterious Egg. Professor Oak will also give you a Pokédex and put his phone number in your Poké Gear. Exit out and head back toward's Professor Elm's Lab. You will receive an email on your way stating that something is wrong out the lab. Once you arrive in Cherrygrove City, make sure to visit the Pokémon center. When you try and leave by heading east, you will encounter your rival. At this point, he will have only a level 5 Pokémon that your starter is weak to. Use Potions if necessary to defeat him. If you battled wild Pokémon earlier, this will be much easier since you will be at a higher level than his Pokémon. Continue heading east and enter Professor Elm's Lab when you reach New Bark Town. You will be able to name your Rival at this point. You will also give the Myterious Egg to the Professor. Once Elm sees that Professor Oak gave you a Pokédex, he will tell you you can try to take the gym challenge. Are you up for it? We will be there to help you every step of the way. He then tells you that you should visit your mom. Once you visit her, you should have her save money for you. By having her hold some, it will mean you will lose less of your money in the event you black out. Now it is time to start on your quest to become a Pokémon Master. Head west out of town.

Right away when you enter Route 29, your friend will show you how to catch a Pokémon. Make sure to weaken them first; it also helps to put them to sleep, paralyze them, or freeze them. While Burning and Poisoning help too, you run the risk of knocking them out from the residual damage they will receive. Your friend will also give you five Poké Balls to start with. Continue to Cherrygrove City and you can now purchase Poké Balls and Heal Balls.

Once again you are on Route 30. Make sure to capture some new Pokémon to help you on your journey. Pidgey is useful for the upcoming Sprout Tower, especially if you didn't choose Cyndaquil as your starter Pokémon. Ledyba can be caught in the morning, but not at night. You can catch Hoothoot at night time. Weedle is easy to find in Soul Silver, while Caterpie is what Heart Gold players will find. This time you will want to stay on the east side of the route to continue. You will encounter some trainers with weak Pokémon like Caterpie and Ratatta. A little bit further on you will end up on Route 31. This route is similar to the previous route in terms of trainers and wild Pokémon. In the northwest corner of the route, you will find Dark Cave. While you don't have to have Flash to do things in there, it will help tremendously. You will be getting Flash pretty soon so you can come back for it. One trainer near the end will agree to share berries with you if you register their phone number. A short distance will send you to Violet City, home of the first badge.

Make sure to heal your Pokémon when you arrive in Violet City. You may want to purchase some Potions and status healers if you don't have any. It doesn't matter what order you do the next two things, but I suggest doing Sprout Tower first and then worry about getting your badge. Sprout Tower is located on the north part of Violet City. You will find wild Ratatta at all times of the day and Gastly at night. All trainers here have a Bellsprout which is Grass/Poision, leaving it open to any Fire and Flying type moves you may have. Psychic and Ice moves are also supereffective against them, but are not something you will likely have at this point in the game. Some of the trainers on the top floor will also have a Hoothoot. If you caught a Geodude in Dark Cave earlier and it has Rock Throw or some other rock move, they will be easy to handle. They still aren't particularly difficult to beat, but beware of Hypnosis. Once you beat the Elder who has 2 level 7 Bellsprout and a level 10 Hoothoot, you will obtain the TM for Flash. This will allow you to get through dark places easier. In battle, it also lowers the foes accuracy. There is also an Escape Rope conviently on the top floor; use it if you want or save it for when you really need it. I'd recommend hanging on to it for later use since the Pokémon aren't that strong.

If you feel the need to train before heading to the gym, it certainly could be beneficial to go back to Dark Cave and catch a Geodude, who resists Falkner's normal and flying type attacks. With Mudslap no longer being a TM, Geodude can really rock the house literelly. Quilava can do fair damage and dishes out some decent damage with Ember. You may even get lucky and cause a burn. Once you defeat his level 9 Pidgey and level 13 Pidgeotto, you are awarded the Zephyr Badge. You are now able to use Rock Smash outside of battle and Pokémon up to level 20 will obey you. You also get a TM 51 which contains Roost, save it until you get a better Pokémon to use it on.

Now you will need to heal your Pokémon more than likely. Also make sure that you only have 5 Pokémon in your party. Go downstairs to receive a Pal Pad. You will need this for wifi trades and battles. Then you will want to go to the Poké Mart in Violet City to pick up the Pokémon Egg from one of Professor Elm's assistants.

Either keep the egg with you or put it in storage and take out a different Pokémon. Now it is time to travel south to Route 32. You will see a person shortly upon entering the route. Talk to them to obtain a Miracle Seed. This will increase damage caused by Grass Type moves. If you have Chikorita, it could be useful for it to hold. If you didn't start with Chikorita, Bellsprout is a fair alternative. You can find a few new Pokémon, which includes a Mareep. You may want to catch a Mareep and train it so it learns Thundershock or some other electric type move. It will be very helpful for getting rid of Scyther in the next gym. At the end of the route, you will find a Pokémon Center. Before leaving the Pokémon Center, take to the fisherman that is near the stairs. Answer yes to his question to receive the Old Rod. Also talk to the person in the lower left hand corner of the Pokémon Center. Answer yes to receive 2 Lure Balls. Now it is time to go into Union Cave.

If you didn't catch a Zubat in Dark Cave, now is your chance to catch one. Other than Supersonic, they aren't too dangerous. One of the Hikers has a level 11 Onix. It can be tough to defeat if you don't have any special attacks. You can also find a wild Geodude if you didn't get one earlier. If you take the stairs in the top left area, you will find a TM 39 which teaches Rock Tomb. Ever so perfectly, it is supereffective against the next gym leader's Pokémon. Back on the main floor, you can find a Great Ball. This will be helpful against stronger and rarer Pokémon. Right by the exit, you will find an Awakening. Then exit to Route 33. You can find two Apricorn Trees on the route. If your Pokémon are still in good shape, you can fight the Hiker who has a level 11 Geodude and a level 11 Machop. It is in the rain so be careful if you stated with Cyndaquil. Beedrill or Butterfree can easily handle Machop with their resistance while Bellsprout or Chikorita handles Geodude. Continue the short walk west to reach Azela Town.

You will see some Team Rocket members in Azela Town. They are so evil that you can't even challenge the gym until you defeat them at Slowpoke Well. First stop at Kurt's House. He will explain the situation then it is off to Slowpoke Well. Talk to Kurt and he will say that he hurt himself. It looks like you are on your own now. In the well after defeating the second grunt, go south and press 'A' on the rock to receive a Super Potion. After defeating one more grunt, it is time to take on their boss at this location, Proton. He will start out by sending out a level 8 Zubat. At this point in the game, it poses no threat to you. He does have a level 12 Koffing which can be dangerous if you don't have a Geodude with you or Butterfree. Quilava can be helpful here since Koffing's Special Defense is lower than its Defense. Two or three Embers can finish off the Koffing without much trouble. After besting Proton, Kurt escorts you out and back to his house. He gives you a Fast Ball. He will now offer to make you Poké Balls in exchange for Apricorns. Kurt's grandaughter will give you Kurt's phone number. Now its time to heal you Pokémon and head to the Gym.

In the gym, I highly recommend defeating all the trainers to gain as much experience points as possible. It will really pay off later. None of the trainers are that tricky as long as you either started with Cyndaquil or have either Spearow or Pidgey. THe puzzle isn't particularly challenging. To beat the second one first go on the transporter without flipping any switches. Then do the double battle and flip the blue lever. Ride the transporter and flip the red lever. Get on the transporter one more time to be taken to Bugsy, the Gym Leader. He does have a level 17 Scyther which can be a big threat if you aren't prepared. If you get lucky and burn it, it won't do hardly anything to you. Fire, Rock, and Electric type attacks are the way to defeat it. If you caught Geodude earlier and it knows a damaging rock attack, it can ko Scyther without much difficulty. Bugsy also uses a level 15 Metapod and Kakuna, but they are not that big of a threat. Once scyther is defeated, the battle is very easy. For winning the battle you are awarded the Hive Badge which lets you use Cut outside of battle. It also allows you to control Pokémon up to level 30. He also rewards you with a TM 89 which contains U-Turn. This move is useful for scouting and possesses decent power. It can be learned by many Flying Types and Bug Pokémon. Some others can learn it to, but those are the main ones. To get back, flip the lever on the final platform and ride the transporter. Now its time to heal up at the Pokémon Center and head toward the Ilex Forest.

Just before you can enter it, you are challenged by your rival. He has a level 14 Gastly, a level 18 evolved version of his starter Pokémon, and a level 16 Zubat. To defeat Zubat, you could use a normal type that has other move types like Pidgey. This forces Gastly to use Curse which you can easily get around by switching. Spite can be annoying if you don't have powerful Pokémon, but at least it doesn't damage you. Zubat is easily defeated by Mareep or Geodude. It should be able to be defeated by either Croconaw or Quilava. His starter Pok7eacute;mon is the hardest naturally. Croconaw is quite tough if you didn't catch a Mareep since it still can do a lot of damage to Bellsprout. Quilava isn't too hard to deal with if you have a Geodude with you. Its defenses aren't great either. Bayleaf has higher defenses, but doesn't have as much power. Be careful of status conditions and use Pokémon like Beedrill or Butterfree to take care of it. Pidgey and Spearow can be beneficial as well. After the battle it is highly recommended to heal before heading into Ilex forest. It is a long maze and you can get lost if you aren't careful. Shortly after entering the forest, you are asked to try and help get Farfetch'd back. It isn't difficult to catch it. First you will step on one branch that you can't avoid. Then avoid all other branches and work your way around to get behind it. Attempt to talk to it to catch it. You are then told there is one more to go. Continue to head east and get the free item on the ground. The second one isn't too far away, but it requires a little more thinking. Work your way up to the top and step on the branch that is the same horizontal row as Farfetch'd. Try and sneak up from behind by going to the bottom and head north. It will see you then move. Step on a branch that is east of it so it faces east. Then head to the top and carefully avoid the other branches and get behind it to capture it. You are then rewarded with HM 1 Cut. You will need to teach it to one of your Pokémon before you can proceed farther. Beedrill, Ratatta, Bellsprout, and Bayleaf are some of the Pokémon that you might have that can learn it. If you follow the path until you see someone in Pink and go up, the next spot that there is a small indent on the left, press 'A' to receive a Super Potion. Once you see a girl that tells you she is lost, you can wrap around to the right and go around to get to a move tutor that teaches Headbutt to one of your Pokémon. Once you get back to where you were, continue east to get out of the Ilex Forest.

Once you get out of the forest and go into the house, talk to the woman with the Butterefree for a free TM 12 which teaches Taunt. Exit the house to the north to get on Route 34. You can fight a few trainers here to help prepare you for the next gym. You can also catch a Drowsee. You can also find the Day Care Center on this route. A TM 63 containing Embargo also awaits you just lying in the grass. Just a little further north and you will reach Goldenrod City. First stop is the Pokémon Center. The next point of interest is in the northern area in the Radio Tower. Talk to the lady that is the farthest on the right behind the counter to take a quiz. Answer the questions correctly to receive a Radio Card for your Poké Gear. Go to the second floor and get the Blue Points Card then exit out of the Radio Tower. Head east and then south to get to the Bike Shop to obtain a free bike. The coin game is tricky to get coins fast, so it would be better just to ignore it for now. It is also advisable to go to the Poké Mart to purchase some TMs like Thunder. You should also visit the bottom floor for some free items. Once you have your Pokémon trained enough, head north to the gym. This gym uses Normal Types. Geodude will really help here. Your starter will do well also if you have been raising it. Whitney uses a Clefairy at level 17. It uses Metronome which can be either bad or good for you depending on what it gets. It isn't terribly tough to take down. She also uses a level 19 Miltank. It can be tough if you don't have a high defense Pokémon like Geodude. Defense Curl on Geodude does help since it will take a number of hits to ko Miltank. It knows Attract which can be very annoying at times. Once you beat her she cries and you have to try and leave. A trainer will stops you then just go back and talk to Whitney to get your Plain Badge. This will allow you to use Strength outside of battle. You are also awarded a TM 45 which teaches Attract. Heal up at the Pokémon Center then go to the Flower Shop. Talk to the person and you will receive the Squirt Bottle assuming you have the Plain Badge. Exit the town on the north side to get to Route 35.

There is a fair number of trainers to beat in this area, it is a good place to start training some of your Pokémon. At the end you go into the National Park. Depending on what day of the week it is, you may be able to do a bug catching contest. This will allow you to catch the other bug Pokémon that your version didn't have. You can also catch a Pinsir and Scyther here. Those two Pokémon will help a lot on your journey with their impressive Attack Stat. Scyther is also very fast. You can work your way around after you find a hole in the fence to obtain a TM 28 Dig. Not only is it usable in battle, but you cna use it to escape from caves too. Make sure to obtain the Quick Claw by talking to the teacher on the bench near the beginning when a Bug Catching Contest isn't going on. Continue to head east and you will face a few trainers on Route 36. You will also find an odd tree that is actually a Sudowoodo. Save before encountering it because it is the only one in the game. It is at level 20 so it won't be easy to catch. Even after lowering its health it still may take a few Great Balls. Once you capture it, head east and talk to the first person to obtain HM 6 Rock Smash. You could have done this earlier, but it wasn't really needed yet. Head east to Violet City if you need to heal. Then proceed back to Route 36 and head north towards Route 37. You can face a few new Pokémon here, including Stantler. There is a couple double battles here so make sure your top 2 Pokémon are in good shape. If you have Dratini it helps since it knows Dragon Rage, but it takes a long time to accumulate the coins for it on the Coin Game. Shortly past the two trainers lies Ecruteak City. Upon entering the Pokémon Center, you will see Bill briefly. Head back to Goldenrod City and go to Bill's house. After talking to him he will ask if you will take care of an Eevee for him. Of course we should accept this task. It is only level 5 so be careful when raising it. If you don't have a Ditto yet, I'd recommend either getting one now or saving just before you get Eevee so you can get a female one. Using the day care to raise it a few levels is one way to easily level it up. You might also want to give the Pok´athlon a try. Go east when you are in the National Park reception area They have some nice prizes which includes PP UP.

Once you are inside Ectruteak City, the first thing to do is to go to the burned tower. You are challenged by your rival so make sure you are prepared. he has a level 20 Gastly, which is easy if you have a fast and powerful Pokémon like Quilava. He also has the medium stage of the starter at level 22. Use whatever you had to defeat it last time. Dratini and its Dragon Rage can be good or any of the powerful TMs it can learn like Thunder, Fire Blast, and Blizzard. Be careful of Ice Fang if he has Croconaw. He also uses a Zubat level 20, but it has many weaknesses including to rock. Sudowoodo can own it really easily. He uses a Magnemite level 18 which is defeated by Fire, Ground, and Fighting Type moves. Dig is a OHKO against it. After the battle you may need to heal. In the tower, you can capture a Koffing to add to your collection. Head down the ladder and the three legendary Pokémon will flee, however, Suicune seems to recognize you. Hunting them down can be tricky, but your Pokémon won't be ready at this point since they are a lot higher of a level than you right now. Head into the dance theater to see a Team Rocket member try and request a different dance. Go up and talk to him to engage in battle. He only has a level 12 Koffing so it isn't that hard to beat. When you try and go down the stairs, you are rewarded HM 3 Surf. Talk about a great reward for very little effort. Go to the gym when you are ready. Morty uses Ghost Type Pokémon. His strongest is a Gengar level 25. Leave the city by heading west.

When you first come on Route 38, you will find an item on the ground that is a Max Potion. This is better saved for when you have high level Pokémon. If you are really lucky, you may see either Raikou or Entei in the grass. Unless you can put it to sleep, it will run away the first chance it gets. Once you spot it, you can track its movement in the Pokédex. Continue west and you will be stopped by a man that owns the Safari Zone. Register him in your Poké Gear so he can tell you when it opens. The safari Zone is in Cianwood City. There is a farm that has a sick Miltank. Once you get a bunch of Oran Berries you can help it. There is also a TM 60 on the ground outside that contains Drain Punch. COnitnue the short walk south to Olivine City. Your rival informs you that the gym leader isn't in the gym and is taking care of a sick Pokémon at the lighthouse. First ride the elevator up to the top floor to find a Super Potion. You aren't able to get to the middle part this way, but getting a healing item for climbing the lighthouse is helpful. Ride the elevator back down and then take the stairs to the next floor. You will face two trainers on this floor, but neither are very difficult. Go up the ladder to the next floor to fight an additional trainer. Move on up the ladder to find a few more trainers. You can find a free TM 87 containing Swagger. Go out the door on the right hand side to get outside. Going all the way around will yield a Rare Candy. Grab that before heading in the door on the south side of the lighthouse. You will have to face one trainer one this floor that has a pair of Krabby if you want to get the Ether. There is also one mandatory trainer you must battle. Climb up that ladder and then one more ladder on the next floor. You have to battle the first trainer on this floor; the second one is optional if you want to obtain a Super Repel. They aren't that great unless you want to not have battles against wild Pokémon. Climb the ladder to get to the top floor and talk to Jasmine. She asks you to go to Cianwood City to the pharmacy to get some medicine for it. She even opens the door so you can take the elevator down. If you don't have a Pokémon that can learn Surf, you will need to get one. When you are ready, hit the waves by heading south.

Route 40 has a decent amount of trainers. Fight as many of them as you wish. You can find wild Tentacool and Tentacruel here too. They will know Toxic Spikes, a move that is great when the enemy has several Pokémon. Route 41 has more trainers and also is where you can find the Whirl Islands. That is where you can catch Lugia, but you can't get it yet. For now just make a note of its location. Continue to head west to find Cianwood City. First things first to heal your Pokémon. Head next door to the pharmacy to obtain the Secret Potion to cure Ampharos. Since this city also has a gym, it is better to get the badge now while we're here. If you go to the house on the west side of the city with only five Pokémon in your party, you can answer yes to a question to receive a Shuckle. It is handy as a stall Pokémon and works well in combination with Toxic Spikes. Head north to find Suicune. After a brief scene you will be forced to battle Eusine. He has a Drowsee level 25 that can use the Hypnosis/Dream eater combo. It also knows Disable so it can be a pain to deal with. If you caught Scyther in the Bug Catching Contest and it knows a bug attack, it will help a lot. Having a Pokémon with Insomnia will help as well. He also has an Electrode level 27. It is best handled by ground types, but if you have something else that resists it or just something powerful, it will work too. It does know Thunder so be careful. His last Pokémon is a level 25 Haunter. Having a normal type with non-normal type moves works well as does strong Pokémon. Its defenses aren't that high so it should pose much problems. When you have trained your Pokémon enough head to the gym on the western side of the city. Ghost Pokémon will help since they are immune to fighting type moves. Psychic type moves will help also. Flying type moves will be helpful; a specific Pokémon that helps a lot is Scyther. With 4x resistance to fighting type moves it will survive well. After defeating the trainers in the gym make sure to heal before taking on Chuck, the Gym Leader. Having a Tentacruel will greatly help since it has resistance to fighting type moves. It also learns Toxic Spikes which will slowly weaken his Pokémon. If you get it to level 26, it will try and learn Barrier. I would recommend dropping Wrap for Barrier to raise your defense if you don't have anything else that is good against fighting. He has a level 29 Primape. If you can eliminate quickly it can be beneficial since it knows Double Team. Having Haze or Foresight will also neutralize his evasion efforts. He does have Hyper Potions so be on the lookout for those. His other Pokémon is a level 31 Poliwrath. It might be a higher level than your Pokémon, but with Toxic Spikes in effect, it will wear down fast enough as long as you have some Pokémon with good defenses and healing items. The Poliwrath knows Hypnosis so watch out for that. It does have Surf so be on the lookout for that too if you were going to defend with a good physical wall that doesn't have great Special Defense. Body Slam is able to paralyze you. In the end it goes down from the poison damage Toxic Spikes does. He rewards you with the Storm Badge for defeating him. This will allow you to use Fly outside of Battle. He also gives you a TM 1 containing Focus Punch. It packs a wallop, but fails if they attack you. The woman outside recognizes you beat Chuck by your badge and gives you HM 2 which contains Fly. Heal at the Pokémon Center and teach Fly to one of your Pokémon like Pidgeotto.

Fly to Olivine City and take the elevator to the top of the Lighthouse. Talk to Jasmine and give her the SecretPotion and she will cure Ampharos. She will then return to the gym so you can battle her for the badge. At this point, the Safari Zone opens up. Either head there now, or wait until later. I recommend battling Jasmine now if your Pokémon are ready. She uses two level 30 Magnemite. It can be defeated by any fire attacker like Quilava or ground attacker like Geodude. Fighting types can work too. SHe does have a level 35 Steelix with very high defense. Special Attacks are the best way to damage it. Surf is a highly recommended move as is Fire Blast if you purchased that at Goldenrod City. Low Kick can still do decent damage due to its heavy weight. Steelix will use Sandstorm to try and wear you down. Iron Tail hits for a ton of damage if you don't resist it. Once again Barrier on Tentacruel can really help, especially if your Tentacruel has Clear Body to block its attempts to use Screech. It holds a Sitrus Berry to restore some of its health. She has Hyper Potions if you can't ko her Pokémon. You are awarded the Mineral Badge for winning the battle. It makes all Pokémon under level 70 obey you. She also gives you TM 23 which contains Iron Tail. Heal up and head to the Safari Zone or go east to Ecruteak City.Once you are in Cianwood City. Head west to get to the cave that leads to the Safari Zone. Route 47 has a few trainers so make sure to have good Pokémon with you. Head all the way west to find a Revive. Head into the cave and go up the ladder since going down leads to a dead end at this point in the game because you can't use Waterfall. If you did go down you can find a Seel by surfing though. It could help for getting your last badge in the Johto Region. Staryu can also be found, but it is somewhat rare. There is a pair of trainers that double battle you. They have an Electabuzz and Magmar. They also give out $6000 which can really help if you want to purchase some TMs or stat boosters. You will find a Lagging Tail at the top of the waterfall. You will find one more couple then reach Route 48. If you head west through the grass you will find a Nugget that you can sell for $5000. You can find Diglett and Farfetch'd in the grass. If you are lucky you can even find a Tauros. A short distance farther puts you in the Safari Zone gate area.

Once you enter the building, you can take the owner aptitude test. All you have to do is capture the Pokémon he says. He even tells you where to find it. The first patch of grass contains Graveler, which evolves by trading. You also have an opportunity to capture a Magnemite. It gets high Special Attack, but it is slow. The grass to the east contains Spearow which is like Pidgey, except it has higher Attack. This is also a spot to capture a Ditto which is awesome for breeding. Girafarig can be found in the northern area. The grass to the west of the entrance contains Sunkern. It also has Hoppip, though neither are that great for competitive battling. The singing Pokémon, Jigglypuff, can also be found here. In the desert looking area you can find Nidoran of both genders. You also have a chance to catch a Tauros here. Rhyhorn is an excellent Pokémon to use as well, though it won't perform too well in the two gyms left in the Johto Region. To the east there is a forest area that has a rare Mr. Mime. To the east of that area you can capture an Abra; it isn't great until it evolves into Kadabra at level 16, but when it does it becomes a very powerful battler. Once you run out of Safari Balls you get back into the lobby automatically. Go to a PC and pull out the Pokémon you were suppose to capture for the test. He will tell you there is one more test to complete and will call you when he thinks of it. For now, it is time to fly back to Ecruteak City.

Exit Ecruteak City by heading east then pick up the TM 65 Shadow Claw on the ground. Try and keep going east and a hiker will give you HM 4 which contains Strength. For now we will surf across and save Mt. Mortar for later. You will see Suicune again. Cut down the tree for another cut scene. Grab the three Apricorns after the cut scene then pick up the Super Potion on the ground. Continue heading east and you will find a couple of Trainers. Just a little further and you will be in Mahogony Town. There is a gym here, but you can't challenge it yet. For now head north towards the Lake Of Rage on Route 43. Head to the left of the building and go north to avoid paying $1000 to go through. You can find a wild Flaafy and Girafarig here. Now is an excellent idea to save your game before trying to capture the red Gyarados. It is a tough opponent at level 30. Capturing a Gyarados is not easy because they do escape a fair amount of the time. Putting a status condition on it is highly recommended. Use a safe move like Dragon Rage that never scores a critical hit. False Swipe is also helpful. Lure Balls help tremendously since they have an even higher capture than Ultra Balls on Water Pokémon like Gyarados. After hopefully capturing the Gyarados, talk to Lance and his Dragonite. He asks you to help him investigate the situation. You might want to get Gyarados out of the PC since it is a very strong battler. Heal up then head to the shop and you will see a brief cutscene and have the stairs revealed. When you pass by the statue two Team Rocket members battle you. Head south at the intersection and keep heading down to reach a switch. This will disable the security system. Head to the southwest corner and go down the stairs. Lance will heal your Pokémon for you. Defeat the grunt by the stairs then head down and Lance will give you some more information. Wander the floor for a few free items including a TM 49 Snatch. Head into the room right past the first grunt you seen. Battle the person on the left to obtain a password. Head to the southwest room and battle the person on the left to obtain the other password. Head up the stairs in the northeast corner then run all the way left to battle another grunt. Head down the nearby stairs and approach the room to have a brief cutscene with your rival. grab the Ultra Ball then interact with the door to open it. Time to face off against a Rocket Exucutive. He should still be easy if you've been doing some training. Once you've defeated him, head up the lower stairs and obtain TM 46 which contains Thief. Then head back up the upper stairs again. Give chaase to the Murkrow following it down the stairs. Go up the next flight of stairs in the bottom corner. Head towards the door you saw at the beginning and it will open from Murkrow imitating the voice of Petrel. Lance and you team up to take on two Team Rocket members. With Lance's help, it is an easy battle. Now you must make all the Electrode faint. You can attempt to capture them too. Lance will give you HM 5 which contains Whirlpool. You will need it to get past whirlpools such as the ones by Whirl Islands. Heal up then head back toward the Lake Of Rage. Talk to the guard in the building on the route to obtain TM 36. TM 36 will teach Sludge Bomb. Get some Pokémon that are strong against ice types. Tentacruel can help with its Toxic Spikes attack. WHen you first enter just head north and get through the door. In the next room go to the left and beat the skier there. Skate across the ice to the right then go up to get to the next room. This room is very tricky. Start by heading up and skating up. Then you must go right then down. Go left then up and right go up to bump int othe block and then go up one more time. Head right, down, left, up, left, down, right into the block, right again, finally go up to reach Pryce. Leader Pryce starts with a Seel level 30. If you lead with Tentacruel it is a perfect chance to set up Toxic Spikes. Acid will be able to finish off Seel. If you don't have a Tentacruel, Flaafy or Ampharos will serve you well. Gyarados can also handle it, but not as easily. Pryce does have Hyper Potions too, so make sure to do large hits. He also has a level 34 Piloswine. Quilava is a decent choice if you have raised it well, otherwise water types are a safer bet. His last Pokémon is Dewgong level 32. Defeating Pryce gives you the Glacier Badge. This will let you use Whirlpool outside of battle. He also gives you TM 7 which contains Hail. It hurts all types except ice between turns.

When you head outside Professor Elm calls you. First heal your Pokémon then Fly to Goldenrod City. Head to the Underground area and a Rocket will assume you are out of uniform and give you one. Head to the Radio Tower and go all the way to the right. Your rival blows your cover and you will face a Team Rocket grunt. Head up the stairs to face a few more grunts. Head up the stairs then go to the right on the next floor to reach the stairs. You will find Petrel at the top in the Director's Office. Once you beat his team of Koffin and Weezing he gives you a key to use in the underground area. Heal up then head to the underground. Insert the key and go inside. You will have to face your rival again. He has a level 30 Golbat. Gyarados can defeat it or any psychic,electric, or ice type. He has a Magnemite level 28. It is still vulnerable to fire, ground, and fighting attacks. His starter Pokémon is now in its final form and is level 32. He has a Haunter level 30 that you will need to be prepared for. A leveled up Gyarados works well for this. He has also aquired a Sneasel level 32. Defeat it with fire, fighting, bug, rock, or steel attacks. Heal if you need to then take on a few of the Team Rocket grunts. HEad left and go to the spot where three switches are. Press the blue one and go right and down. Press the purple switch and battle the trainer by the door. Enter it and grab the free Ultra Ball. You will also find a Max Ether. You can find a TM 82 containing Sleep Talk by the Director. He gives you the Card Key to allow you access. Go up the stairs in the upper right corner to find an Amulet Coin. YOu are now in the B1 floor of the Department Store. Heal up and go back to the Radio Tower. On the third floor there is a spot to insert the Card Key. You will need to battle a Rocket Grunt first. Insert the key and battle the Team Rocket member. Climb the stairs and then face Proton, who you may remember from the Slowpoke Well. He leads with a level 28 Golbat. His other Pokémon is a level 33 Weezing. Grab the Ultra Ball after you defeat him and climb the stairs. YOu will then battle Rocket Executive Ariana. He leads with a level 32 Arbok. He has a level 32 Murkrow this time. His last Pokémon is a level 32 Vileplume. GO up the elevator to the observation deck. You must then battle Executive Archer who leads with a level 35 Houndour. Defeat his level 38 Houndoom with water, fighting, and ground attacks. He also uses a level 35 Koffing. Though it is a high level, it will go down. You have now defeated Team Rocket! The director will reward you with either the Silver Wing or Rainbow Wing depending on which version you have. You won't get the other item for quite some time. You also get a call from the Safari Zone Warden. Let's see what he wants. Heal up and then fly to Cianwood.

He wants you to catch another Pokémon, but this time you must use the machine to change the terrain. Once you do so, go into the Safari Zone and capture the Pokémon he asks you to catch. Once you have done that talk to him. When you are finished Fly to Mahogany Town and head east to route 44. There is quite a few trainers to battle if you want to face them. Head east and you will find a cave that is Ice Path. The first ice area can be solved by going up and to the right when possible. To solve the next one take the following path: up, left, up, left, down, left, up, right. Keep heading to the right to do the next puzzle. To solve this one go right, up, left, down, left, up, right. Grab the HM 7 Waterfall. Go back to the split in the path and head to the ladder in the upper right corner. Head up and then go down the next column. Get behind the boulder on the left and use Strength. Work your way around annd push it through the northwest hole. Push the next boulder into the southwest hole. There is a boulder in the northeast corner; push that one into the nearby hole. Push the final boulder into the southeast hole. Go down the northeast hole and head down, left, up, right to reach the middle area. Pick up the Full Heal and go down the ladder. In the next room grab the NeverMeltIce. Head up the ladder. Work your way to the southeast corner to obtain a TM 72. This teaches Avalanche which causes large damage and forces you to move second. It will help a lot in the next gym. Use the ladder and then use Strength in the next room to push the boulder down one spot. Stand against the three rocks and go up, left, and down to obtain an Iron. Go up the ladder and you will appear in the first area, but will be in the southeast corner. Grab the Protein and go south to another puzzle. Head down one step to the rock then head left, down, and right to reach a person. Talk to her and help her. By moving around a little bit you can grab the PP UP. Head out the door to arrive in Blackthorn City.

You can find the Move Tutor and Move Deleter's House here. One of the tutors will teach Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant to the starter Pokémon from each region. There is also one who teaches Draco Meteor to one of your dragon Pokémon as long as it trusts you fully. There is a house where you can trade a female Dragonair for a Dodrio, but it isn't recommended since Dragonair are much rarer. Once you have trained your Pokémon to high enough levels go to the gym. Walk to the platform and step on the left arrow. step on the blue circle twice to have it face upward. Walk into the right arrow and proceed forward. Battle the next two trainers. Step onto the platform and step onto the up arrow. Step onto the blue circle twice then hit the up arrow. Step on the blue circle again and hit the right arrow. Step on the blue circle and hit the down arrow. Step on the blue circle three times. Step on the right arrow to reach the next area. There is three more trainers to defeat. Clair is the gym leader and starts with a level 38 Gyarados. She has a pair of level 38 Dragonair. Her last Pokémon is a level 41 Kingdra. It is a tough opponent and is only weak to dragon type attacks. It knows some very powerful moves including Hydro Pump and Dragon Pulse. It also knows Hyper Beam. Clair does use Hyper Potions which will make the battle tougher. If you had Tentacruel use Toxic Spikes earlier it helps a lot so you can't be outstalled. Heal up and go north to the Dragon's Den. After facing the first trainer head right and grab the Calcium on the ground. If you head southwest, you will encounter a pair of trainers you face in doubles. You can then grab the Max Elixir on the gorund. Teach one of your Pokémon Whirpool if you haven't and use it to get past it. Enter the house and you will be tested. Answer the questions as if you love every Pokémon more than anything to pass. Clair will then give you the Rising Badge which makes all Pokémon obey you and enables you to use Waterfall outside of battle. Clair will meet you one the way back out of Dragon's Den and present you with TM 59 Dragon Pulse. This is a very powerful move and is only resisted by steel types.


Professor Elm calls you as soon as you exit the den. Either walk south to New Bark Town or fly there. He will give you a Master Ball. This will catch any Pokémon without fail, but you can only get one so it is recommended to use it on Raikou or Entei since they run immediately. Fly to Ectruteak City and visit the Dance Theater. Get ready for some fights. They each have a different evolved form of Eevee at upper 30s for level. Lugia will now return to the Whirl Isle if you are playing Soul Silver. If you are playing Heartgold, Ho-Oh will return to the top of the tower. Purchase some Dusk Balls in Blackthorn City if you are chasing Lugia since they are the most effective other than the Master Ball. For capturing Lugia, you will need Waterfall and Whirlpool. Fly to Cianwood and head into the northeast island. Make sure to also grab a Pokémon that can learn Flash since the cave is pitch black. Jump down the lower ledge and grab the Ultra Ball. Climb down the ladder to the next floor. Jump down the ledge and go up and then to the right to get a Nugget. Jump down the double ledge spot to get back to where you were. Grab the Full Restore in the lower righthand corner and then go further south to a ladder that goes down. You will find two items there. You will end up having to exit the Whirl Islands to get back on the path to Lugia. This time when you enter the northeeast island, jump down the upper ledge on the first screen and use the ladder. Work your way around and climb down the next ladder. Grab the nearby Max Revive which you may end up needing soon. Talk to the nearby person and he will notice you have the Silver Wing and lets you pass. Go in the top room and grab the Rare Candy then head back. Go all the way down and enter the cave opening. Watch the dance and Lugia will appear. Now is a really good time to save your game. You wouldn't want to miss out on capturing one of the best Pokémon in the game. Lugia is a tough opponent. It is at level 45 and knows Hydro Pump and Extrasensory, both of which can deal a lot of damage to you. It also knows Aeroblast which is devastating. Its final move is Rain Dance which powers up its Hydro Pump attack. Putting it to sleep or paralyzing it will help with the capture. Keep throwing balls at it and you will eventually capture it. Using an Escape Rope is an easy way to get out and avoids having to find the way out manually. Fly back to New bark Town and talk to Professor Elm. He will tell you to head east on Route 27 then head north on route 26 to reach the Pokémon League.

Surf east then to Route 27 and then enter Tohjo Falls. When you get to the Waterfall room, if you work your way behind the waterfalls you can find a Moon Stone. ONce you get out, there is a trainer you must defeat. She uses the Bulbasaur family line. Lugia and Typhlosion work great for eliminating it. Enter the house and have your lead Pokémon be one that likes you a lot and you will be given a TM 37 which teaches Sandstorm. Continue to head east and you will find more trainers. They aren't cakewalk, but compared to Lugia and the Blackthorn Gym battle, they are easy. You will soon be on Route 26. grab the Destiny Knot lying in the grass. The nearby Psychic Trainer is easy if you have a Gyarados that knows Bite or any other dark Pokémon. you'll find an Ace Trainer next that uses some level 36 Pokémon. Up ahead you will see a house that lets you rest to heal your Pokémon. You'll need it to beat some more trainers. Once you reach the reception gate, you may want to go back and heal before tackling Victory Road. Push the boulder up to make it get out of your way. Go down the path on the left when you reach the split. Push the boulder near the top out of the way and follow the path to obtain a Max Revive. You can find an Ursaring; it is worth capturing. It has high attack. Head up the ladder to the next floor. Work your way around to the next ladder and go up. Jump down the hole to continue. Push the boulder oveer once, go down the path to get the Full Restore. Then push it back to the right twice. Go up the ladder and go around the pit. grab the Ultra Ball and continue on the path. Go down the upper pit to get the HP UP then go up the ladder. Jump down the pit and grab the TM 26 Earthquake. Head all the way around and get out of Victory Road. Just before you exit you are challenged by your Rival. His lead is a Sneasel level 36. He also has a level 37 Magneton. He has raised his starter to level 40 as well. His Haunter is now level 37. His Kadabra is also level 37 and still has weak defenses. His last Pokémon is a level 38 Golbat. Once you defeat him head through the opening to reach the Pokémon Center and League. Heal up then start doing some training to raise your Pokémon to around level 50. When you are ready, save the game and head out the door the guard is blocking.

Will is the pyschic type user. He leads with a level 40 Xatu. He also has a level 41 Jynx, Exeggutor level 41, Slowbro level 41, and a Xatu level 42. If your Gyarados knows Dragon Dance, it can then sweep with Bite after using it. If you have a Gengar with Shadow ball you could use it, but make sure you can get OHKOs or you risk fainting. Many of his are dual types so you can counter them that way too. Your next opponent is Koga who specializes in poison. Ariados level 40 is his lead Pokémon. He also uses Forretress level 43, Muk level 42, Crobat level 44, and Venomoth level 41. Most of his Pokémon can be taken down by both fire and psychic type attacks. The quicker you defeat him the better since he likes to use status conditions. Lugia is highly recommended or Ho-Oh depending on which version of the game you are playing. Bruno is up third. He uses fighting types and will elad with a level 42 Hitmontop. His other Pokémon are Onix level 43, Hitmonchan level 42, Machamp level 46, and Hitmonlee level 42. His Pokémon are easily taken out by psychic type attacks. They have a lot of power, but low HP. Karen is the last of the Elite Four. SHe specializes in dark types and will lead with a level 42 Umbreon. Other Pokémon she uses are a level 47 Houndoom, levle 44 Murkrow, Vileplume level 42, and a level 45 Gengar. Defeat her with Fighting attacks for her Dark Pokémon, fire, ice, flying, and Psychic for Vileplume, and ghost,dark,psychic type attacks for Gengar. Lance is your final opponent. Lance leads with a level 46 Gyarados. He also uses Aerodactyl level 48, Dragonite level 50, two Dragonite level 49, and Charizard level 48. It is a very hard battle since Dragonite's biggest weakness is ice. WIthout ice attacks, it will be a long and hard battle. All of his Pokémon are weak to rock attacks too. Surf and Waterfall will work wonders against Charizard and Aerodactyl. Congratulations, you are now the Pokémon League Champion!

So now that you've beaten the champion you think your done, but more adventures await. You will earn more badges and capture more Pokémon. Resume your game and visit Professor Elm. He will give you the S.S. Ticket which lets you go to Kanto. You will find the ship in Olivine City. Once you get in the harbor you will find Professor Oak who upgrades your Pokédex to National Mode. Once you enter the ship, you find out that a little girl is missing. It is our job to help find her. There is a lot of trainers on board so you can take the opportunity to level up a bit. Your cabin is in the southeast corner so you can heal there. You end up finding a sailor that won't let you pass until you find his buddy. Once you find him, you will be able to pass and continue. He is in the room adjacent to your cabin. Go back to where you were and go to the Captain's Room and talk to the little girl. SHe asks to play hide and seek. Find here in the floor below all the way to the left. Talk to her and she will return to her grandpa. You will be rewarded with a Metal Coat. The ship will also arrive in Vermilion City. Shortly along the way to the gym, you will see Suicune run off again. Visit the Pokémon Fan Club and listen to the chairman to obtain a Rare Candy. You will need either Cut or Surf to get to Lt. Surge's gym. The gym uses electric types. In this gym you must find the two secret switches to reach Lt. Surge. Once you find one, the other is next to it. He leads with a level 51 Raichu. It can paralyze you and hit pretty hard with Shock Wave. He also has 2 level 47 Electrode, a level 53 Electabuzz, and a level 47 Magneton. For winning the battle you get the Thunder Badge and a TM 34 which teaches Shock Wave. Shock Wave will never miss unless they used Fly, Dig, Dive, Shadow Force, Protect, or Detect. Leave the city by heading north.

Head west right away on Route 6 to obtian the TM containing Silver Wind. Head north just a little ways and you're in Saffron City. Head to the east part of town and go in Mr. Psychic's House for a free TM 29 containing Psychic. Go into the Silph Co. building and talk to the guard to obtain an Upgrade which can be used to evovle Porygon if it holds it while being traded. Head into the gym once you feel your Pokémon are ready for battle. Take the first warp panel. Take the upper left warp next. Take the lower left warp next anad finally the lower left warp to reach Sabrina. She will lead with Espeon level 53. Its Psychic really takes a lot out of your Pokémon and its fast. she also has a level 53 Mr. Mime and a level 55 Alakazam. You are awarded a Marsh Badge for winning. You are also given a TM 48 which contains Skill Swap. Leave the gym by taking the red warp. Exit the city by heading west then a short walk puts you in Celadon City.

Go into the Departmetn store and on the second floor talk to the person who looks like Crasher Wake from the Shinnoh Region. You will get the Chimchar mask, Piplup Mask, and Turtwig mask. The third floor offers some great TMs including Dig, Dark Pulse, and Stealth Rock. The prize exchange has a persoon that can tell you what type your Hidden Power will be for a Pokémon. They have some fantastic prizes, but its hard to get the coins for them since you can't purchase coins. Head int othe gym, which specializes in grass types. There is a somewhat hidden path that you must go through to reach Erika. She leads with a level 51 Jumpluff. Leech Seed is a minor inconvience if you have fire or ice type moves. It also knows Giga Drain to resore its HP. She also has a level 52 Tangela, a level 56 Victreebel that knows Leaf Storm, and a level 56 Bellosom. You are awarded the Rainbow Badge and a TM 19 containing Giga Drain for winning the battle. Go back outside and go to the area just to the right of where you cut to get to the gym. There is a PP UP that is hiddne on the ground one step away from the tree that can be headbutted. Head east to Saffron City, then head north to reach Cerulean City.

For now head east to Route 9. You will find a free Max Potion on the ground. If you have Cut you can get a Light Clay on the ground. It extends the duration of Reflect and Light Screen. You can also find a TM 91 which contains Flash Cannon. Surf around to get to the Power Plant. Enter the plant and talk to the manager to learn that a part has been stolen. Attempt to leave and you will be asked to help catch the thief. Head back to the Cerulean City gym. You will find the thief. Find him on the bridge to the north. Defeat his lone Golbat level 39. It should be no problem for you at this point in the game. After besting him he admits to hiding the part in the gym. Time to retrieve it and head back to the Power Plant. You are rewarded wit hTM 57, Charge Beam. It has a high chance of raising your Special Attack. Head back to Cerulean City and head north to the cape. You will face a ton of trainers and will be rewarded with a Nugget at the end. Once you reach the cape you will find Misty and she will go back to her gym. Misty will lead with a level 49 Golduck. It can confuse you with Water Pulse. Her Lapras is level 52 and has a lot of HP. Its Ice Beam is quite powerful. Her Starmie is level 54 and also knows Ice Beam. It also can heal itself with Recover. Her last Pokémon is Quagsire level 49. It will use Rain Dance to change the weather. It also uses Water Pulse and Amnesia. She will give you the Cascade Badge and a TM 3, Water Pulse.


Head back south to Saffron City and go the the Copycat's House. She will tell you she lost her Poké Doll. Head to Vermilion City and go to the Pokémon Fan Club. Talk to the guy in the center of the room to get it back. Immediately after going outside you find Steven. He will tell you that Latios or Latias is roaming in Kanto. The one he says is dependant upon the version of the game you are playing. Head back to the Copycat Girl's House and you will get a Magnet Train Pass. This will allow you to travel between Kanto and Johto via the Magnet Train. Leave Saffron City via the East Gate and head to Lavender Town. You will find a TM 41 containing Torment on the way. Once you are in Lavender Town, head to the radio tower and speak with the Director to receive an EXPN card that allows you to tune into Kanto Radio Stations suck as the Poké Flute one. Leave by heading south to Route 12. A little ways down you will see a house. Answer yes to the fisherman's question and you will obtain the Super Rod. You will face some trainers, but most can be avoided if you want to. ROute 13 starts out by going west to a bridge. There is a hidden Calcium on the near side of the second sign. Routes 14 and 15 have more trainers to battle so you'll have the chance to raise your Pokémon more. Near the end of Route 15 on the top section you will find a PP UP. At the end you will reach Fuchsia City. Heal up then head into the gym to face Janine. All the trainers look like Janine, but the one near the center that you have to go all the way around for is the real one. She will lead with a level 47 Crobat. It will confuse your Pokémon with Confuse ray. Her other Pokémon are a level 44 Weezing, two level 47 Ariados, and a Venomoth level 50. You can destroy her with psychic, fire, and flying type attacks. Try and defeat her quickly since she likes special conditions like Koga. You are awarded the Soul Badge and a TM 84 containing Poison Jab. Once you have gotten the badge, either use Fly or take the bike path and go to Vermilion City.

Go to where the Snorlax is first then turn your radio to the Poké Flute Station. Talk to the Snorlax and it will attack. It is at level 50 and won't be easy to capture. If you have Heavy Balls those will work well. If it is night time Dusk Balls will work well too. If you don't have either of those you're stuck using Ultra Balls. Get it down to a little health and then try to capture it. It has Leftovers attached so it will gradually get its HP back. Once you catch it, you will want to put it in your party right away as it is likely to be one of your strongest Pokémon at this point. You'll probably need to heal up then go through Diglett's Cave to Pewter City. Make sure you have a Pokémon that knows Cut with you. Before going to Pewter, you should head south to collect some items. One person in the house will give you a Sacred Ash which revives all your fainted Pokémon.

There isn't a whole lot to do in the town, but the first thing to do is go to the gym and challenge Brock. He leads with a level 51 Graveler. It is easily taken out by grass and water attacks. He also has Omastar level 53, a level 51 Rhyhorn, a level 54 Onix, and a level 52 Kabutops. grass and water type moves will be the easiest way to defeat him. You receive the Boulder Badge and TM 80 which contains Rock Slide. Heal up when you are done with the gym. There is a person right by the Poké Mart that will give you either a Silver Wing or a Rainbow Wing depending on which version of the game you are playing. Leave by heading south on Route 2. A short walk will put you in the Viridian Forest. There are some easy to find items on the ground and some easy trainers. Once you get out you are on South Route 2. A little further and you are in Viridian City.

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