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What are effort Values?

Effort values are a modifier that can improve your stats and make your Pokémon the strongest it can be. Each Pokémon can earn a total of 510 effort values. It takes 4 effort values for a Pokémon to gain one point in a particular stat. Each stat has a maximum of 255 effort values in addition to the limitation of 510 effort values total. You must calculate the best way to spread them so none are wasted.

Since it takes 4 effort values to equal one point in your stats, you should make the amount of effort values in a particular stat be divisible by four. This means if you want to max out a particular stat, you will want to have 252 effort values in that stat because 252 / 4 = 63. Fast Pokémon should focus on Speed since battles are more often decided by Speed and not by power, although power is important. This is why we also recommend Speed plus natures more often than Attack or Special Attack up natures.

So now you may be wondering how you earn effort values. Each time your Pokémon battles another Pokémon, it earns one or more effort values. Unlike experience points, effort values are not divided between all the Pokémon that were in battle. All Pokémon that participated earn the same amount of effort values. Effort values can also be gained by using the various vitamins on it. Each vitamin provides 10 effort values in the stat it increases. A Pokémon can't have more than 100 effort values in a particular stat from consuming vitamins. The vitamins will also fail after a Pokémon acquires more than 100 effort values in a particular stat you are trying to raise. Due to this, it is highly recommended to use vitamins before actually fighting Pokémon. This will greatly reduce the amount of time you will need to spend gaining the proper effort values.

How do I find out what effort values each Pokémon provides? Some sites do have a chart that lists all the Pokémon and what effort values they provide. Right now we do not have a chart. We may add one at a later date; it will be posted when we make an actual chart. Many Pokémon provide effort values in whatever stat they have that is the highest. Evolved Pokémon provide more effort values than unevolved Pokémon. Each Pokémon can proivde up to three effort values in a particular stat. While legendary Pokémon tend to provide three effort values in a particular stat, it is not recommend to knock them out for gaining the effort values since you need to capture them to complete your Pokédex. Some Pokémon provide effort values in a few different stats. Take advantage of them if your Pokémon would benefit most from all of the affected stats.

Is there a way to speed the process up; this is taking forever? Well, fortunately there is. If you equip a Pokémon with Macho Brace, it will earn double the usual effort values. This cuts your time in half and works best if you are facing Pokémon that provide a mixture of effort values. The items that have the word power in them will also help tremendously. Each time your Pokémon beats another one, it automatically gains an additional four effort values in that stat that it says it promotes growth in. I find those items to be much more useful. They can be purchased in the Battle Frontier for Battle Points. Keep in mind that all the itmes I have mentioned in this paragraph temporarily cut your Speed in half. This effect is removed once the item is taken off. There is one other way to speed up the process, but it is very hard and there isn't really any good way to do it. The last way to do this is to have your Pokémon get infected with Pokérus. This will double all the effort values the Pokémon gains permanently. So how do I get Pokérus? It is completely random after battling a Pokémon. It is extremely rare and is more like for you to find two or three shiny Pokémon naturally before getting Pokérus. While the status still says Pokérus, it is able to pass the status to the other Pokémon in your party. If you have a friend that has an uncured Pokérus Pokémon, have them trade you a Pokémon that it still infected since then you can get your Pokémon infected. The Pokémon will remain with an infected status for approximately two days. You have until then to try and spread it to your other Pokémon by having them in your party and battling. By doing calculations, you will find that you can earn a total of 14 effort values points in one stat with just a single battle. 3 from the Pokémon, an additional four from the power item, and then multiplied by two for Pokérus. By combining these tips, you will be able to effort value train your Pokémon a lot faster.

Help me I accidently messed up effort value training! Is there a way I can fix this? Yes there is. There are certain berries that say they make your Pokémon friendlier, but reduce your base stats. It doesn't really reduce your base stats, rather, it erases 10 effort values from the stat. If a Pokémon had more than 100 effort values in the stat you want to reduce, it will reduce it to 100 effort values after just one berry. Subsequent berries will then erase 10 effort values at a time. This is the only way to reduce your earned effort values. I would always make sure you have some of each of these berries planted and in your inventory. This insures you will have an ample supply when needed and more are always on the way.

Make sure to remember that a Pokémon immediately starts gaining effort values from the moment it starts battling. You shouldn't be too concerned when you are first playing through the game with messing up your effort values. There are a few reasons behind this. The first is that often times your Pokémon you encounter during your normal playthrough will often be less than ideal natures. They also will likely not have great individual values. Those two things can make quite an impact on your stats. You should be more concerned about actually beating the gyms and elite four and not getting great nature Pokémon that aren't a one only. Your starter Pokémon you may want to try for either a good nature or better yet, a female version of it. By getting the rarer female version of your starter, you are able to breed endlessly to get one with a good nature and individual values. Legendary Pokémon you should always be saving in front of anyway in case you fail to capture it, but it serves a greater purpose as well. You can reface it after just turning off the power if it doesn't have a desirable nature and then try again. Note that the legendary Pokémon that are runners the nature and individual values are set in stone upon them being released into the wild. This makes them incredibly hard to get a good nature and individual values. Luckily there is always the Global Trade Station to try and get better ones. There are also plenty of online trainers that will have one that is more desirable.

Why doesn't my level 50 Salamence have an attack way over 200; I've fully effort value trained it in Attack and have an Adamant nature? In order to keep the game more in balance, it will only provide a portion of the effort values your Pokémon has earned as an actual stat boost. While it doesn't stop you from having 252 effort values in a stat, it makes it so you can't have a level 30 Pokémon with around 150 in a particular stat. The formula is like this: stat=(base stat/50 + 5) X nature effect + individual value + ((effort values / 4) / (level / 100)). That formaula probably looks intimidating and confusing so I will break everything down for you. Base stat is something every Pokémon is assigned for each stat. it is a constant between Pokémon of the same species. The plus five is gotten from the fact that at level 0 a Pokémon will have 5 in each of its stats except for HP which uses a different formula than all your other stats. The nature value is what effect the nature will have on the stat. In the case of Adamant, the Attack is increased by 10% so you would put a 1.1 in that spot. Individual values are something every Pokémon has assigned to it when you encounter it. It has one for each of the stats and can range from a 0 to 31. Now for the really confusing part. Effort values is replaced with how many effort value points your Pokémon has in that stat. It is divided by four because it takes four effort values to equal a difference of plus one in a stat. You fill in level with your Pokémon's current level. It is divided by 100 since 100 is the maximum level a Pokémon can be. That whole last part is divided the way it is to preserve balance and is the cause of why your Pokémon can't have a stat that would be unreasonable for its level.

How do I input effort values on Shoddy? When you select a Pokémon from the drop down menu, by each stat there will be 3 displays. The first is the current stat. This is what the stat ends up being after taking all calculations into account. It is indirectly editable by modifying the next two fields. The next field, which is editable, is the individual values. These range from 0 to 31. The last field on each stats line is for effort values. Simply input how many effort values each stat should have. Note that if you do more than 255 for one stat or more than 510 total on one Pokémon, you will not be able to do ladder matches. Just fill in each of the fields with the appropriate value and you are all set. Once all six of your Pokémon are done, save the team and then use the find tab when you are in the main screen to engage in battle.

What is a good effort value spread for x Pokémon? See first if we have an article specifically for that Pokémon. As much as we would like to have an article on every Pokémon, realize that we don't have as many members and that it takes time to write the articles. Our articles will mention possible effort value spreads along with moves. You can certainly write articles for us and we will put them up with credit to you. Make sure you explain why you spread the effort values the way you did in case questions arise. You can also check Smogon for getting effort value spreads and movesets. Also feel free to invent your own. You might find the damage calcuator that Smogon has as a useful resource for selecting how you want to spread your effort values. I used it a ton to come up with really amazing effort value spreads for my current Ubers team. By utilizing it, you can make sure you aren't wasting effort values in spots they don't matter. You can also feel free to post your team in the Rate My Team section and your team will be analyzed by us and we will give suggestions.

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