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Welcome to Lugia's Pokémon Island affiliates page. You are probably visiting this page because you would like to see who we have affiliated with or would like to affiliate with us. If you like what you see here and would like to affiliate with us please Contact ProfDE with a subject line of Affiliation Request. You will need to provide the url to your website, which can include a forum. While a small image will not be required to affiliate, if you don't send one, it will just be a name only without a picture until you send one. A brief description of your website or forum would be greatly appreciated. In exchange for affiliating with us, we ask that you provide a link to either Our Forums or Our Site Map. An image will be provided to you. The staff of Lugia's Pokémon Island thank you for your interest.

Current Affiliates:
Pokerealm Forums

This is a forum that specializes in the battling of NFE Pokémon. They also have a gym league to participate in.

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