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ScytherScyther is a great pokemon for NFE, but it is in the Uber NFE tier. It can also be good to use in the Underused Tier.

There are two abilities a Scyther can have. They are Swarm and Technician. Technician is the better of the two. It multiplies moves power by 1.5 if the moves base power is 60 or less. Aerial Ace becomes a very powerful move with this ability. To calculate its power we have to do this:

(60 × 1.5) + (60 × 1.5)

That gives it a total power of 180! That is more powerful than a stabbed 100 base power attack. Combined with the fact that Scyther's base attack is very high, you can deal incredible damage especially when combined with a Life Orb. Life Orb further boosts the power by 1.3. That gives us a grand total of 234 power.

180 × 1.3=234

When Aerial Ace is super effective with this set-up, almost no pokémon can survive it. Quick Attack can quickly become very powerful as well in addition to first strike. Scyther is also able to get a pretty good movepool variety. My personal favorite set is:

Scyther@Life Orb

Adamant or Jolly Nature

EVs: 252 ATK, 252 SPEED, 6 HP

Aerial Ace

X-Scissor/Bug Bite

Brick Break

Night Slash

This set covers a large variety of Pokémon types you will see, especially in the UU tier. It is also among the fastest Pokémon in UU tier and Uber NFE tier. This Scyther really only has to worry about Electric Pokémon and Fire Pokémon. Ice is super effective against it, but Brick Break will take care of them if you need to. Rock may also pose a problem since they have high defense and may survive Brick Break. It is also very weak to Stealth Rock.

There are also more ways to utilize Scyther. It can be used as a reversaler. While it isn't quite as powerful as Heracross, it still is good. It is faster, but doesn't get the stab that Heracross does. This can be an issue against Pokémon with high defense.

Adamant or Jolly Nature

Item: Salac Berry or Liechi Berry

Aerial Ace

Night Slash



Night Slash is for the Ghost Pokémon that would otherwise render it helpless. It also helps against Psychic Pokémon. Aerial Ace provides the most type coverage for missing types.

It can also be used to Swords Dance then follow up with powerful sweeping moves.

Adamant or Jolly Nature

Item: Focus Sash or Life Orb

Swords Dance

Aerial Ace

X-Scissor/Bug Bite

Quick Attack or Brick Break

Quick attack is for guaranteed first strike. It also also slightly boosted from technician. You could use Brick Break instead to get rid of Rock Pokémon after Sword Dancing. Aerial Ace for sheer power and X-Scissor for stab. Focus Sash is strongly recommended for this set being as rock pokemon are more common in the UU tier. This also works better when used as a lead since it takes 50% from Stealth Rock.

It is considered Uber for the NFE tier for a few reasons which I will attempt to explain to you. First of all, it has incredible Speed just like Sneasel, but it doesn't stop there. It also has quite a powerful Attack stat. It is able to blast through a few Pokémon without any set up. Its attacks can just do insane damage while not being threatened of getting outsped. Sneasel can Attack first without much worry, but its Attack stat is far less than that of Scyther. Technician just makes it all the better for increasing damage output. Life Orb Scyther can crater just about any Pokemon's HP in NFE. Bug Bite and Aerial Ace both have a power of 120 due to Technician and stab. Those Attacks have either 100% accuracy (Bug Bite) or no accuracy check (Aerial Ace). It can cover quite a few Pokémon types as well with its movepool.

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