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In this first page, you will learn some key points about team building that will help you get better at battling. The first thing to do when building a team is to decide what tier is is going to be for. This will affect which Pokémon you can include. Some Pokémon like Arcanine work great in Underused, but don't perform as well when in the standard tier (overused). The next thing you need to decide is, is this team going to be for doubles or singles. You wouldn't use the same movesets for some Pokémon in singles as you would in doubles. In fact, some moves only work in doubles. You must also consider how many targets moves affect if the team is for doubles.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should use a variety of Pokémon types. The more types you have available, the better you can respond to situations. Remember, if half of your team is weak to one type, you may want to consider changing one of the Pokémon to a different type. Be careful when using dual types that you aren't sharing weakness's with a lot of your other Pokémon. It can sometimes be easy to forget this. An eample would be having Rhyperior and Lanturn. While neither of them share types, they are both weak to grass Pokémon.

The next thing about team building is to give your Pokémon a wide variety of attacks. While it may be nice to have lots of stab attacks, remember that pokemon that resist them would take more damage from a nonstab attack. Another thing to consider is having some team members with special attacks while others have physical attacks. If you had just physical attackers and ran into a Skarmory, you would have a hard time putting a dent in it due to its very high defense. Similarly, if you had just special attackers, Blissey would totally wall your attacks.

Make sure you take advantage of a Pokémon's natural stats. Some Pokémon were born to be physical sweepers, while others are meant to be used for absorbing attacks. Give movesets that compliment a Pokémon's natural abilities for best effect. Take advantage of the ability a Pokémon can have. Using lower powered attacks on a Pokémon with technician can do more damage than the higher powered ones that aren't boosted.

Perhaps one of the toughest things to do is to decide which Pokémon should be your lead. There are many different strategies for this. Some people just go with pure offense and don't really have a lead. This is the easiest strategy to do and works pretty well against weaker to average opponents. Against stronger opponents though, it will generally fail. A common way to lead is a Pokémon that can use Stealth Rock. It is a great way to inflict damage to Pokémon when they get switched in. This basically counters focus sashes. It can also be part of a strategy revolving round Spikes and Whirwind and Roar. Another way you can lead is by setting up barriers like reflect. These do ok, but generally isn't as good as Stealth Rock. You can also lead with a baton passer. By increasing your stats for a few turns and then passing the changes to one of your other Pokémon, you can create a super Pokémon with virtually no weakness. You can also do what I call an antilead. I define an antilead as something that can counter most lead Pokémon. In the standard tier, Aerodacyl, Azelf, and Swampert are some of the most common leads. If you have a Pokémon that can counter them as your first Pokémon, you can get a big advantage. A great example of this kind of Pokémon is a Jolteon. Jolteon's speed lets it outrun almost any Pokémon. Shadow Ball does large damage against Azelf, while Thunderbolt hurts Aerodactyl. By putting Hidden Power grass on your Jolteon, you can also deal with Swampert. Keep in mind that Azelf and Aerodactyl leads commonly have Focus Sash equiped so it is recommend that you would equip it as well.

Every effective team will usually have one or two walls. Walls are great for being able to absorb damage while giving out damage. Suicune is a great example of a wall Pokémon. While it doesn't have the highest attack or special attack, it does have great HP and defenses. It can also learn Calm Mind which increases its already high Special Defense and improve its Special Attack.

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