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First of all, we would like to welcome you to Lugia's Pokémon Island! Our focus is on Pokémon Battling. We strive to make everyone the best battler they can be. We have tutors available to teach you anything from basics, to the more advanced battling elements. As many trainers may be aware, there are different tiers. Our tier list is up for Ubers, Underused, and Standard. Never Used and Not Fully Evolved will be up at a later date.

Like all web sites and forums, we do have certain rules to follow. When you are using this site, you are expected to follow the rules. On the forum page, there is a subforum entitled "Welcome". You will see the Forum Rules listed as an announcement. If you are unsure about whether you are allowed to do something or not, you may PM one of the following members:

Shining Latios
Shadow Ice

If you experience any problems with the website please contact either ProfDE or 7. If it is a problem with the forums, then simply contact any of the administrators. Alternatively, you can post them in Site Discussion and it will be looked into. If you have any suggestions for the site, you may also post them in Site Discussion.

Shining Latios is the one who created the forum when we moved here from our old site. He is a tutor for the OU tier. He prefers to battle on wifi over Shoddy. He also is one of the site artists.

ProfDE is the one who built the old site. He is also one of the tutors for Lugia's Pokémon Island. While he is able to tutor in every tier, the two he prefers to teach are NFE (not fully evolved), and Ubers. While he doesn't do NFE laddering on Shoddy, he is a very accomplished player and came up with a team without any prior experience. It has lost only a few games out of the many he has played. Ubers is his absolute skill. The highest rank he ever got to on the Ubers Leaderboard was 17th with a rating of 1659. He still sits on the leaderboard fluctuating a little bit. He is also one of the web page editors and creators. Other things ProfDE does are battle on SSBB over wifi, Guitar Hero, and play the Pokémon TCG. He has an extremely high knowledge of MyBB, SMF, and Proboards. He has learned Forumotion and is now learning HTML.

Shadow Ice is a big time rule enforcer. Rules are very important for everyone to follow so that everyone can have a safe and fun time. He has also has come up with good suggestions on both this site and the old site. He is also a site artist.

7 is very well versed in website scripting. He helps with problems related to the website such as links not working. Not much else is known about 7.

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